College football tailgating 101

Game Day!

College football season is starting, and we couldn’t be more excited.

If you go to a big football school, you know how much fun tailgating can be.

But wait –

Tailgating is extra fun if you do it correctly.

I’m talking the right food, set-up, crowd, clothes, etc.

We have a few of our expert tips to share with you.


Tailgating Tip #1: Make Your Coolers More Efficient

Coolers are essential for most outdoor activities in life – but especially tailgates.

If you’ve ever been to any party ever, you know that there are always multiple coolers around.

They are filled with sodas, beer, and water.

But –

How do you know which beverages are in which cooler?

A dilemma.

Don’t be that person searching in every cooler for the drink you want.

Make it easy by labeling your coolers.

Label the coolers with all the drinks that are inside to make it easier for your tailgate guests.


cooler labels


Speaking of coolers, we found a diagram to make your cooler-packing more efficient.

Isn’t it great?

You’re welcome.

how to pack a cooler


Instead of using ice inside, freeze a bunch of water bottles.

By the time you want to drink the water bottles, your other beverages will be gone and your ice will have melted.


Mind blown.

frozen water bottles


Tailgating Tip # 2: Pack the Essentials

Keep a toolbox with all the essentials for tailgating in your car.  Some components are:

  • wet wipes
  • paper towels
  • trash bags
  • your favorite condiments
  • bottle opener
  • skewers
  • toothpicks

Make sure to also bring jumper cables, in case someone’s car dies from people going in and out of it!

tool box 2

Source: Pinterest


Tailgating Tip #3: Wear the Perfect College Tailgate Attire

One of the best parts of tailgating is looking all sporty and cute in your college gear.

But not only that –

You can get real creative with your accessories, too!

Get custom fanny packs for the tailgate attendees.

They can either be for just the tailgate, or you can incorporate your sorority or fraternity on the fanny packs.


tailgatego gators

As we approach the fall and winter seasons, football games will start to get colder.

Make sure to bring your sweatshirts, beanies and scarves!

You can look cozy and cute – it’s possible I promise!

Sorority Custom Beanie - Greek U - Perfect for College Football Tailgating


Tailgating Tip #4: Make Amazing Food

Half the fun of tailgating (I’d say a little more than half) is the food that everyone brings.

You can come up with some really awesome recipes to feed your tailgaters.

If you’re like me, you love breakfast.



Don’t worry about skipping the most important meal of the day if the game is early; bring breakfast to the tailgate.

Easiest way to do this?

Breakfast that you can eat with your hands.

Try sausage and bacon wrapped in a delectable pancake sandwich.

Simple, yet delicious.

My mouth is watering, isn’t yours?


b fast

Source: Pinterest

Another breakfast idea is this fruit and donut kebab.

You can combine healthy with not-so-healthy if you serve these.

They are also super easy to make!



Source: Pinterest

Another one of my favorite parts about tailgating is how many appetizers are always served!

There are always a million and one dips available, endless amounts of chips, and if you’re lucky, all of these dishes.

Try this yummy pizza dip or this taco dip if you want to please the crowd.




In some cities, you can buy a 54″ by 54″ pizza (the one below is from Big Mama’s in Los Angeles).

Oh man!

If you are hosting a large tailgate, this pizza would be perfect.

Note that you will probably have to reserve these in advance, so save it for a special rivalry game occasion.



Source: Big Mama’s Pizza

Make these buffalo chicken sliders the night before the game.

They are made with boneless buffalo wings, Hawaiian rolls, Provolone cheese, and ranch dressing.

Holy yum.

Check out the recipe here.


b chicken sliders


Hope you all have happy and delicious tailgates!



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