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5 Fun Winter Activities You Can Do That Don’t Involve Snow

With the holidays fast approaching, there are plenty of fun activities you can do this winter.

But, as we know, lots of places don’t have a White Christmas, so we wanted to come up with some fun things you can do that don’t involve the snow.

We live in sunny San Diego and barely have seasons, so we have to pretend that we are in a winter wonderland by doing winter-related things.

All my favorite winter activities pretty much involve Christmas, because I love Christmas and the magic of holiday time.

Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can still enjoy a lot of the activities on this list.

Comment down below your favorite tradition around wintertime!


5. Ice Skating



Ice skating is one of the winter classics.

It’s a fantastic date idea or something that you can do with your girlfriends.

It’s so fun to try and balance and try to skate like a pro.

I know I always have to hold on to someone for dear life because I’m suuuuper coordinated like that.


Even if you have to hold on to the rail the whole time, ice skating is still going to be a really fun winter activity.

There are plenty of indoor skate rinks, but there’s also some outdoor ones if you live in California.

In San Diego, we have one on the beach.

The ice isn’t very icey, but it’s gorgeous and a very cool experience.

If you’re in San Diego in the winter, you definitely need to check out the Coronado ice rink.


4. Go to a “Winter Wonderland”



If your town hosts a “Winter Wonderland” at a public place, it’s a really fun winter activity you can do with your friends.

These events usually last for a couple weeks or weekends, and features Christmas lights, Christmas decorations, and of course, Santa.

And of course, yummy food and holiday treats (more on that later).

It gets you into the holiday spirit and is a great activity for a weekend when you want to get out and do something.

You could also just go look at Christmas lights in your town’s famed Christmas neighborhood –

You know the one.

I love looking at Christmas lights and Christmas decor, and just the season in general, really.

I bet this will get you in the mood to go pick out a tree of your own if you haven’t gotten one yet.

It’s so fun to get cozied up and go into a “Winter Wonderland.”


3.  Host a Game Night



I love game nights.

Gather your friends, guys and girls: the more the merrier.

The bigger the group for game night, the more fun, in my opinion.

Have two or three games that you’ll play like: Pictionary, Apples to Apples, or Taboo.

Everyone can divide up into teams and play a bunch of fun games.

This is a fun winter activity because it’s indoors, and you can make some fun holiday food for everyone.

Chances are, competition will run high if you have competitive friends like I do (okay, maybe I am the competitive friend, oops).

Game nights are always a good idea; especially to take a break from social media and technology for a night.

You’ll be forced to think on your feet which is always a good exercise –

And working on a team forces bonding!

Escape the cold and gather all of your friends together for a fun, winter game night.


2. Bake Some Treats



I don’t know about you, but I love baking.

Cookies, brownies, basically anything sweet (major sweet tooth over here).

This is a perfect winter activity because you can go Christmas-themed, make Thanksgiving goodies, or bake just winter treats in general.

If your friends love to cook and bake as well, have a baking party complete with treats, holiday music and holiday decorations.

Dress up in your favorite comfy Christmas sweaters and bake up a storm!


1. Have a Christmas Movie Marathon



Holiday movies are my favorite.

You gotta love the feel-good vibe of Christmas movies –

Yes, even the Lifetime ones.

My favorites are the animated films from back when we were younger, Elf (duh), and some Lifetime ones.

Pick a day when you and your friends or bf are completely free, and binge watch some Christmas movies.

Hey, you can even eat some of the treats you baked from #2!

Make a fire, cozy up on the couch, make some coffee or hot chocolate, and enjoy the spirit of Christmas.