10 Adorable Big Little Gift Ideas For Your Sorority Sister

Do you like to sit back and reminisce about your freshman year of college? You may have been so scared back then, but found that your sorority sisters were always there for you. Your sorority big sister may have really helped you get through your first college heartbreak or your first finals week.

Now that your freshman year has come to a close, you may be looking forward to being someone else's big sister. While there's a lot that comes with that title, gift giving is one of the best parts.

Whether you're searching for Christmas and holiday gift ideas, birthday gifts, welcome gifts or just pick-me-up gifts, there are tons of adorable big little gift ideas.  Whether you choose to buy a gift or make your own, there's no shortage of ideas.

Keep reading to discover 10 adorable big little gift ideas for your sorority sister.

1. T-shirt

You can never have enough T-shirts, right?

Colorful sorority T-shirts offer a comfortable and cute option for your little to throw on before her 8 a.m. lecture.

They're also great to wear around campus, so she can show just how proud she is to be wearing your sorority's letters. The best part is that if every big gets her little a letter shirt, you'll have the chance to take tons of adorable group photos.

While perfectly matching shirts are cute, it's a little more fun for everyone to have a slightly different shirt. This way, you can really showcase how you're all different people that are part of the same group. Choose one that fits your little sister's personality or physique to show her you're really paying attention.

2. Sweater

You may not be thinking of the harsh winter ahead while you're walking around campus in shorts, but winter will come around eventually. When it does, your little will be thankful that she has a warm sweater to take the place of her T-shirt.

Fleece jackets can also be a good option to keep her warm and stylish as she walks across campus this fall and winter. It's that much better if these items proudly display your sorority's Greek letters.

3. College Survival Kit

Let's not forget that your little is brand new to college. The best big little basket idea is a do-it-yourself  college survival kit. You've been there through the tough adjustment periods of freshman year. You remember the hardest things to overcome. Help your new sorority sister out with one of the best gifts for littles by filling up a basket with everything she might need to get through her freshman year.

Some things to include are stationary for all the reminder notes she'll need to write for herself, earplugs to drown out her loud dorm neighbors, and earbuds for when she inevitably loses the pair she brought. Also consider packing in some favorite treats for when she needs a pick-me-up.

4. Wall Decor

You may remember that decorating your freshman year dorm was one of the most exciting parts of starting the year. However, it can get quite pricey purchasing cute decor to fill up your bland walls.

That's why one of the cutest big little gift ideas is something to hang on her walls. Painted Greek letters and paddles are a great way to make her truly feel like part of the sorority, even when she's alone cramming for her first big biology test.

5. Stuffed Animal

The best gifts for littles don't have to hang on the wall. A nice stuffed animal is a cute way she can decorate her room if she's out of wall space.

But don't just give her any stuffed animal. Get either the school's mascot or find out what her favorite animal is. Then get a plain T-shirt (either for an infant or a large doll) and paint your Greek letters on it. It's a great way to personalize her stuffed animal and let everyone know where she belongs.

6. Cozy Blanket

We all know how chilly it can get in dorm rooms. Your little may have brought only a comforter, thinking it would be enough, but boy will she be in for a surprise!

One of the most useful big little gifts is a cozy blanket. She may need it for extra warmth during the night or to use while she's sitting at her desk.

Just be sure to give her one with tons of fun colors to help brighten up her bland dorm room. If you're handy, you could even sew on some Greek letters, but that's up to you.

7. Wine Glass or Mug

You'll have plenty of gift giving occasions throughout the next three years (or four if you become a super senior). A great way to celebrate your little's 21st birthday is by gifting her a wine glass. If she's not a wine drinker, consider a fun mug for coffee, tea or hot cocoa.

Of course you can add your Greek letters using some paint, but by this point, you'll also know your little a lot better than you did during her freshman year.

You can customize the glass or mug to better fit her personality by including her favorite colors or prints. Just make sure you follow the right painting steps to ensure the paint stands the test of time.

8. Reusable Water Bottle

If your little has a long way to go before she's 21, don't worry! There are tons of other big little gift ideas.

A reusable water bottle is a great and useful gift for anyone. Plastic water bottles are expensive (especially when you're on a tight college-girl budget), and going out of your way to find a water fountain can be a hassle.

Pretty soon she'll realize this and be thankful that she has a convenient water bottle that she can take anywhere.

9. Picture Frame

Your little will make tons of unforgettable friends and amazing memories throughout her college years. As her sorority sisters begin to graduate, she'll want a way to look back at her freshman year where it all started.

That's why picture frames are great big little gift ideas. She can always swap out pictures as she wishes (after all, she'll have millions to choose from), but she'll always remember where the picture frame came from. If you're crafty, you could even purchase a plain wooden frame and paint it to customize it for her.

10. Badge Box

Getting your sorority badge (or pin) is one of the most exciting moments for new sorority sisters, as it marks when they officially joined their new families.

But let's face it, those badges are so small and easy to lose, especially since your new little will be moving over the course of her college years.

Give her a cute place to store her badge along with any other small sorority memorabilia. There are tons of big little gift ideas for badge boxes. You can buy beautiful ones online or make your own with some paint and ribbon.

The Best Big Little Gift Ideas

Gift giving can be one of the funniest parts of being in a sorority. It offers you the chance to welcome your new little to the family and express your creativity and do-it-yourself skills.

What are some good gifts for littles? We've detailed some of the best ones here, but we welcome your ideas. Comment on this post if you have some other ones.

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