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Graduation is a time of nostalgia, excitement, and a bit of sadness. But - We're here to help commemorate the special occasion. While the graduate in your life is busy preparing to wrap up their college career, you might be trying to wrap up something else...the perfect gift to celebrate their graduation day! Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of our favorite graduation gift ideas for every type graduate, from the ambitious world traveler to the grad who isn't quite ready to be an adult yet. Check out these 10 awesome ideas to make your graduate's special day even better!  

1. For the Person Who Insists on Not Receiving a Gift

Because nobody actually expects to get nothing on their big day. So for the person who insists "you shouldn't have," something simple--alas meaningful--is the best route! This is a personalized penny from the person's graduation year that they can keep on their key chain! We love this idea, as it's an easy, thoughtful gift for your graduate to reminisce about forever.   Personalized Keychain for the College Graduate picture from Greek U  

2. For the One Who Has Already Booked His/Her Trip to Europe

I know it is many graduates' dreams to travel the world once they graduate from college! Boy, are they ready to hit the real world. For the graduate who's packing his/her bags already, we love these travel-themed gift ideas. Oh the places you'll go!   Oh, The Places You'll Go necklace picture Be the Change You Wish to See in the World globe picture - Graduation Gift Idea from Greek U  

3. For the College Lady in Your Life

College ain't easy. Remind the graduating gal in your life how proud you are of all her accomplishments with this inspirational catchphrase.   She Believed She Could So She Did bangle bracelet photo - Graduation Gift Idea from Greek U  

4. For Anyone Who Has Ears

If you don't like music, we need to talk. What better way to send someone into the big-kid world than by equipping them with a premium Spotify or Apple Music membership. It's such an easy gift, and something many seem to take for granted. Truly nothing can match the gift of music!  

5. For The Person Who Really Needs Help Adulting

We all know one. Four (five...six?) years later, they're still struggling to make it to class, and are likely the person who walked in 20 minutes late for graduation. But we love them nonetheless, and (somehow) they've done it! Common household items--cleaning supplies, medicine, towels, dishes--actually make an extremely useful graduation gift, and are a kick start to living in the real world.   Adulting Care Package photo - Time to put on your big girl panties - Graduation gift idea from Greek U  

6. For Anyone

Because everyone could use some ca$h money.   You Can't Live on Pizza so Here's Some Dough picture - Graduation Gift Idea from Greek U  

7. For The One Who's Already Decorated their Posh Apartment Downtown

Another species of "I'm-outta-here," this graduate is so over the college scene, and has already decked out their grown up apartment. What better way to test their adult skills than by gifting a plant. Marley and Me taught me this one - being able to take care of a plant is the first step in being a big kid.    

8. For the One Who Wines A Lot

Pretty self-explanatory. Help your graduate wine about it.   Different types of wine picture - Graduation Gift Idea from Greek U I hope this B.S. pays off wine glass picture - Graduation Gift Idea from Greek U  

9. For Your Graduating Guy

Help expedite the evolution from boy to man with some grown up essentials. Whether a nice watch or a wallet that isn't falling apart, your graduate will love one of these gifts, mostly because he won't have to buy it himself.      

10. For the Desk Obsessed

Because nothing says "I'm an adult" like a paperweight, like these gems from Uncommon Goods.     That's a wrap on our favorite graduation gifts for every graduate in your life. Leave us a comment below with your favorite college graduation gift idea!   PS: Be sure to help your graduate shine on their special day with a customizable graduation stole from Greek U!   Have a great week, from all of us here at Greek U!   (Image Source: Pinterest, Buzzfeed, Uncommon Goods)
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