13 Rush Event Ideas That Will Increase Recruitment Numbers

Over the top rush events are not necessarily the best ones. They may be fun for current members, but rushees will not experience the one-on-one interactions that will ultimately help them decide which fraternity to join. After all, you want to get along with your brothers, right?

In order to plan the best rush events, it's best to keep in mind that interaction is key. Having a few parties is always a good thing, but having too many will prevent you from getting to know the guys you want to bid. So, stick with quieter events that foster conversations and allow for quality interactions.

If you're interested in learning about the best rush event ideas, follow along! We've compiled a list of events that are guaranteed to increase recruitment numbers for this next rush season.

Top Rush Event Ideas

1. Barbeques

We're starting it off chill here. Barbeques can be the perfect setting to get to know others. If you make it fraternity-wide, rushes will have enough people to talk to and they'll never get bored. They can have enough time to find guys they relate to most and start creating relationships. Also, who doesn't love a good burger?

2. Beach or Pool Day

Now, this idea may not work for those who live inland or in places that are far too cold for beaches, but if you're lucky enough to live near one, this is a near perfect rush event. Rushees can be shown a good time without spending tons of your rush budget and in a situation that still allows for good conversation. The road trip there is also bound to create lasting memories.

If you live inland but in a warm climate, a good alternative is a pool day. You can couple it with a barbeque if you want to go all out, too!

3. Game Night

This event is guaranteed to be remembered by both current members and rushes. A good idea is to set aside one room in the chapter house per game, so people can jump from game to game throughout the night. Having about ten games is a safe bet for a good night. You can include anything from poker to blackjack to UNO.

4. College Games

If your school is big on school spirit, take your rushes to a game! Have everyone meet up at the chapter house to hang out before the game and walk over together. Sporting games are great ways to meet other guys and get a sense of what their interests are.

5. Concerts

If your rush budget allows it, this is one of the best events you can plan. No one will turn down a free concert, so this event is guaranteed to increase attendance numbers. Holding this event towards the end of rush is also a good idea since you can invite only those who have connected well with the fraternity to seal the deal. Check out some concerts near you for options!

6. Professional Sporting Events

Baseball, basketball, and football events are all fun events for rushes. They're long enough to be worth the ticket price for everyone and still allow for conversation. Your fraternity will make such a great impression you'll have rushes running back for more.

7. Dorm Move-In

If you want to start recruitment early on, it's not a bad idea to look at the incoming class and scout for some potential rushes. Once you have an idea of who you're looking for, head out on move-in day with a team and help some guys move in. You'll be likely to attract caring and attentive rushes who are mirroring your actions, which is never a bad thing.

8. Formal Events

The best final event you could hold is a formal dinner or dance. Rushes will have the opportunity to invite dates to a nice event, dress up, and have good food or dance. These events also make lasting memories and can become ceremonial for a fraternity.

9. A Themed Party

Rush is never complete without at least one party. It gives you the opportunity to asses how each rush behaves in social situations, with other rushes, with current members, and with women or men. Understanding a rush's personality in social situations can help you decide whether you'd want them to join your fraternity or not.

10. Golf Outing

You don't just have to go watch sports, you should play them too! Golf outings create a perfect balance between game time and talk time. You can have a great day not just playing but getting to know the guys in the process. If your fraternity prides itself in being higher on the totem pole, a golf outing is a great move to preserve that image.

11. Alumni Day

Inviting alumni to the chapter house one day out of the year can be a great way to get the older guys involved. Expect them to tell the rushes great stories about their time at the fraternity and give their input on each one. The rushes will be excited to ask them questions and will likely be engaged and attentive.

It's best to set up some games for the night to break the ice. Holding it during homecoming is also a great way to increase alumni turnout since a lot of them are on campus at that time.

12. Study Nights

If you want to showcase your brotherhood, it's never a bad idea to set up study nights to help freshman rushes with their introductory courses. Setting up mentoring programs or open study hours at the chapter house are both great ways to implement this. This type of brotherhood event shows rushes one of the many benefits of joining a fraternity.

13. Traditions Night and Goodie Event

This event consists of a night during which rushes can be exposed to some of the fraternity's traditions (not the super secret ones). Knowing a bit about what they're getting themselves into can increase the chances they'll end up pledging.

Giving out goodies at this event, like sunglasses, hats, or t-shirts can also boost recruitment as they're more likely to join a frat they have merch of. It's best to hold this at the very end of rush to only give out goodies to the best of the best.

Wrapping Up

Rush can be an exciting time for both current members and rushes. Making it as fun as possible with these rush event ideas will guarantee better recruitment numbers and an overall positive experience.

If you enjoyed this list and looking for goodies for your fraternity or sorority, don't hesitate to check us out! We have everything from t-shirts to hats to graduation stoles!

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