Sorority Formal Themes and Ideas for an Unforgettable Event

Social events are a big part of Greek life. For sorority girls, that means philanthropy events, socials, sisterhood retreats, chapters, and more.

Of course, it also means semi-formals and formals. Most consider the latter as the ultimate sorority event. So if you're in charge of organizing one, you understand how important of a job it is.

But don't worry. A good starting point for planning is to research sorority formal themes. Here we have a bunch of formal theme ideas to help you out.

The Great Gatsby

Gatsby-themed parties are all about the glitz, glamour, and high society. Put the roar in the Roaring Twenties. All you need are jazzy band music, flapper style dresses, and lots of black and gold decor.

Now, if you want to stay faithful to the book, you can't forget about champagne. You can also serve Claret or any nice ros?, as well as gin rickeys.

Mardi Gras Ball

A lot of people associate Mardi Gras with parades. But there are other traditions as well including the big, spectacular balls. These balls are, of course, formal affairs.

If you're following tradition, the men should wear white tie and tails. For the ladies, it should be a floor-length gown with gloves. Think of it as an elevated sorority girl outfit.

For your decorations, go with dramatic but sleek centerpieces. Black balloons painted with gold metallic paint are also a good way to add some Mardi Gras chicness to a venue.

If you want to add a layer of mystique to your sorority formal, you can make it into a masquerade ball.


Seeing people dressed to the nines make for an unforgettable evening. And a Casablanca themed formal is a great way to do it. Time to get your sorority sisters and their dates to wear their long gowns and tuxedos (or suits).

Add a fog machine so you can capture that World War II aura of mystery and danger. For drinks, you can serve sparkling cider or sangrias.

And for the food, try Morrocan dishes such as roasted eggplant and yogurt dip. Moroccan couscous and chickpea salad and Mechoui are also crowd-pleasers.

An Evening in Paris

Fun and fashionable. That's how Parisian Nights parties are. The great thing about this formal theme idea is the ladies can go as avant-garde with their fashion as they want.

Remember, French women, are all about how they wear their dresses. They don't fuss about what they wear. Keep it classy with little black dresses or nude dresses in flattering silhouettes.

The goal is to appear like a French woman dressed you or like you borrowed from her closet. You can also ask the ladies to wear a stole or a shawl if you're going for that 1940s French glamor vibe.

Sorority Formal Themes - The Takeaway

If you're running out of time, don't worry. There are plenty of sorority formal themes you can play around with.

For more style and fashion advice, don't forget to check out the rest of our blog.

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