Biggie Tumblers

Everyone needs a favorite cup that they can count on. Whether you're in need of a travel mug for bringing your favorite morning brew to class, or a lidded cup for staying hydrated while you burn the midnight oil, Greek U is here to help with 24-ounce fraternity and sorority tumblers. Our lidded tumblers are double-walled for better insulating hot or cold drinks. Enjoy your favorite beverage at the perfect temperature in one of our sorority and fraternity cups.

Sorority and fraternity tumblers from Greek U are made from BPA-free plastic, so they're safe to use and long-lasting. The tumblers are lightweight and come paired with a matching snap-on lid for convenience. The lid has a simple thumb-slide cover that is easy to use, so you can open or close it in an instant. The cups are lightweight and will never weigh you down, whether you're heading to class or heading home for the weekend. Our 24-ounce tumblers make excellent gifts for current Greeks and alumni, so make sure to order a few extras. Customize your cup before ordering using the dropdown menus above the add to cart button.