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The History of Delta Gamma

Delta Gamma is one of the oldest and most storied sororities in existence. Founded on Christmas Day in 1873, Delta Gamma currently has more than 230,000 members around the globe. The sorority maintains 150 collegiate chapters throughout Canada and the U.S. and is proud to boast 131 alumnae chapters. At its heart, Delta Gamma seeks to provide a platform where women can build long-lasting friendships, grow intellectually, become their best selves, and take an active stance in their communities.

On an annual basis, The Delta Gamma Foundation provides more than 150,000 hours of volunteer service and raises thousands of dollars to enrich and support its members, through scholarships, grants, and support. The sorority also raises funds to support assistance for people with visual impairments and U.S. veterans.

Outside of those causes, Delta Gamma has also worked to support genetic research, adaptive devices for low-vision learning, Braille books in schools and other institutions, and city service centers for blind people or those with visual impairments. An active, deeply rooted, and socially aware sorority with big dreams, Delta Gamma continues to enrich the lives of all women lucky enough to join its ranks.