Kappa Alpha Theta Fanny Packs

Greek U is proud to offer the very best selection of adorable Kappa Alpha Theta fanny packs on the market today! Choose from tons of great colors and designs to find the perfect Theta fanny pack for your next event! Shop today and get your Theta fanny packs, which are cute enough to make all your friends jealous! Place a bulk order for your girls, or shop our customizable options for a cuter look. 

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18 Item(s)

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Cute Kappa Alpha Theta Fanny Packs

Here at Greek U, you’ll find the best selection of Kappa Alpha Theta fanny packs on the Greek market today! Our fun designs for these retro bags make it easy to find the perfect bag, no matter the occasion! Grab these fun bags for your next philanthropy event to stash your essentials while you show how much Kappa Alpha Theta ladies love to give back! These bags are perfect for tons of other occasions, like hiking with sisters or prancing around a music festival! Our great options for Theta designs make it easy for you to customize a fanny pack for your every need! Throw your Kappa Alpha Theta sunglasses in a fun fanny pack, and you’re ready for wherever the day takes you! Happy shopping Theta ladies!

Ideal for heading from the gym downtown for a drink, or to the store, our cute Kappa Greek fanny packs are the ultimate on-the-go essential. Just large enough to hold your phone and keys, or an ID and some cash, these cute packs keep your essentials close at hand while allowing you to look cute in the process. Available in a large assortment of sizes, colors, and styles, these adorable packs complement any outfit and help take your style credit up a notch. 

Get Your Custom Theta Greek Fanny Packs From Greek U

You wouldn't go to a dentist for back surgery, so why get your Kappa Alpha Theta fanny packs from a company like Etsy?! When you shop Greek U, you can rest assured that all the packs you're getting are fully approved by Theta girls like yourself! Designed to be authentic and high-quality, these cute packs are fully customizable and available for bulk order so that you can outfit all your girls! Start by shopping our extensive selection until you find a style you like. From there, you can add a monogram, embroidery, or other customized elements to make your pack distinctly yours. 

Remember: there is no better source for Kappa Alpha Theta fanny packs than Greek U, the only Greek website that truly understands your life as a Theta girl and wants to make it better with cute and stylish accessories customized for you!

How to Wear Your Kappa Alpha Theta Fanny Packs

While lots of girls lust after our Kappa Alpha Theta fanny packs, few understand how to wear them. Luckily, the possibilities are limitless. Wear them over your favorite pair of jeans for an upcoming charity event (they're perfect for grabbing donations) or take them to the streets over a cute skirt or pair of shorts, where they're ideal for holding your phone and keys while you ride your bike downtown. They're also welcome classroom companions, and can serve as a cute pencil pouch! The possibilities are endless, and our adorable Greek fanny packs are the best way to bring them to life. Shop today to find something you'll love!