Kappa Alpha Theta Tote Bags

Greek U offers a huge collection of Kappa Alpha Theta tote bags, perfect for any occasion! Choose from a large selection of designs, styles, and colors. The perfect place to get the Kappa Alpha Theta tote bag of your dreams, Greek U is the Greek website that understands Theta life! Browse now and find the perfect accessory for running to the store, hitting the gym, heading to class, and more!

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23 Item(s)

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Get the Kappa Alpha Theta Tote Bag of Your Dreams!

Here you’ll find our great selection of adorable Kappa Alpha Theta tote bags! Our Theta bag selection includes tote bags of all colors and designs to help you find the perfect bag for any occasion. Greek U carries only the newest and most popular bag styles to keep your style looking sharp, something fashionable alumni, Tory Burch, would surely be proud of We offer a huge collection of designs, colors, and lettering to help you find the perfect product for your next Theta event. Our bags are perfect for piecing together a great Theta gift! Grab a Kappa Alpha Theta sweatshirt and a few other stationery accessories to stash in a Theta tote bag for your little on her Initiation day. Our bag selection is perfect for school as well! Throw your books and laptop in a Theta tote bag or backpack to carry your school essentials in style while repping the best letters on campus. With so many great options to choose from, finding the perfect Kappa Alpha Theta bag is easy! Order today!

Remember that we also offer custom Theta totes to reflect your unique style. Not into carrying the same thing everyone else has? Change it up with a personalized or customizable option to keep you looking cool and cute for months to come. Our selection is wide, and your choices are limited only by your creativity!

Personalized Kappa Alpha Theta Tote Bags

Only Greek U allows you to personalize your Kappa Alpha Theta totes to your unique style. Start by shopping our extensive collection until you find a look you can't live without. From there, add your custom touch with personalized artwork, embroidered initials or phrases, a vintage crest, or a monogram to take the bag's style up a notch. You can also change the color, style, and size of the bag to suit your preferences. Our goal with all our Greek letter totes is to make them as personalized as possible and to make the canvas a place where you can let your creativity shine. 

Design Kappa Alpha Theta Totes

Need help ordering your Kappa Alpha Theta tote bags? That's where our friendly and helpful staff comes in! Dedicated to making our selection simple to navigate and our customizable options simple to understand, our helpful staff offers the Greek letters you need to shine and provides the customizable and zippered options you want to look and feel like a true Kappa girl. Don't hesitate to give us a call if you get stuck during the ordering process or simply need some additional input on your cute custom options. We're always here for you and are happy to give you the assistance you need to enjoy a simple and streamlined ordering process.

So, don't wait to get these Kappa totes! They won't last forever! Shop today!