Kappa Alpha Theta Plaques

View unique ideas for greek Kappa Alpha Theta plaques that can be customized and personalized however you choose. The perfect gift for any friend or big sis, these adorable and unique wooden items are a meaningful gift for any Greek girl. Expect great pricing and friendly customer service on all custom wooden Kappa Alpha Theta plaques. Shop now and find something you love! If you need help, we're always here to lend a hand. 

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Kappa Alpha Theta Plaques For Sale at Greek U

Here at Greek U, you’ll find a wide variety of custom Kappa Alpha Theta plaques so that you can make the perfect initiation gift or present for your big or little sis, or for anyone you care about! Choose from classic wooden Kappa Alpha Theta plaques like our traditional Greek Kappa Alpha Theta plaque for yourself or customize a plaque for your pledge class with the large Greek Kappa Alpha Theta pledge class plaque. The options are limitless, and we're here to help facilitate your decision and ensure you get exactly what you want from our selection. 

All Kappa Alpha Theta plaques and plaques are made to order which means that once you find your ideal plaque, you can personalize the wood finish and text to match your needs. If plaques are not shown in this section, it means that it is not available for your organization.

Kappa Alpha Theta Plaque Ideas

Many new members want unique plaques that have designs you can customize. Many people ask what Theta plaques are for? What is the meaning of this long-standing tradition? Plaques are used to commemorate the joining of a new member and are traditionally given to the big sis in Kappa Alpha Theta. Most plaques are wooden and for sale in our online store. 

All plaques can be customed with a personal To and From section. Included is the crest of your sorority (when available), as well as your chapter name, sorority name, and Kappa Alpha Theta letters. These unique little touches make it easy to create a unique custom gift that the recipient will treasure forever. What's more, when you add your designs to our high-quality wooden plaques, it shows just how proud you are of your Kappa Alpha Theta background!

Get Your Kappa Alpha Theta Plaque From Greek U

Kappa Alpha Theta plaques are some of the most meaningful gifts out there. Ideal for any girl who wants to do something special for her sisters or friends, or who just wants to grab a special keepsake to remember her time at Kappa Alpha Theta, our beautiful plaques are just the thing. Entirely customizable, unique, and beautiful, our pretty plaques are better-quality than anything else you'll find on the web, and much more guaranteed to pack the meaning you've been looking for. Before you shop anywhere else, check out our wide selection and see if there's something you love. The chances are good there will be! Need help customizing your plaque or figuring out how to place a bulk order for yourself and your girls? Our friendly staff can help you with that. Don't hesitate to give us a call anytime you have a question or need additional assistance. We're always here for you! Don't forget we also offer bulk discounts, which is the perfect way to get a beautiful gift for your entire sorority without breaking the bank.