9 Awesome Sorority Date Party Ideas | Date Dash Themes

What's better than a sorority date party? There are few things more fun than grabbing a date (maybe your significant other), dressing up, dancing the night away and being spontaneous. Date party season is coming up, and it's the perfect time to show off your significant other and have some fun with your sorority sisters!

Whether your chapter chooses to do a planned or spontaneous date event, we have faith that everyone will have a memorable time. Looking for the perfect date party idea? We have some favorite themes and locations for sorority date parties that you can customize for your chapter. Check out our nine favorite sorority date dash themes and comment down below to let us know what your fav idea is.

  1. Dynamic Duos/Famous Couples

This is one of the most popular sorority date party ideas because it gives you a chance to pull in a little pop culture. There are tons of famous couples and dynamic duos to choose from, and you can have a lot of fun coming up with a couple's costume idea. Although kind of cliché, couples always manage to come up with really creative costumes, and this is a fun idea if you want to dress up. You can do this theme for a "formal" too if you want to switch it up from the regular formalwear. Examples: Clark Kent and Lois Lane, Barbie and Ken, Jim and Pam from The Office, etc. You could also dress up as Disney characters, characters from popular movies or couples from TV shows. Any couple that has been famous in some capacity, whether real or fictional. It's always so fun to see what everyone comes up with! And of course, it makes for some really great photos too.

  1. Draft a Date

There are a few ways you can do this theme. A sister can invite a guy anonymously to the party, and the guy will try to find out who invited him. Or a sister can "draft" a date for another sister, so the dates will still be anonymous. Dress in a camo theme, which is always easy, or overall patriotic theme. This type of themed party is a great way to connect a sister with her crush and give them a chance to get to know one another.

  1. Holiday Themed

Everyone loves a holiday party, and you can always carry over the seasonal festivities to your themed date parties. This idea is a favorite for fun-loving sisters. During the holidays, there are so many options for date dash ideas that match the holiday spirit. For Halloween, bring a guy to visit a haunted house or scary maze through a pumpkin patch. Your chapter can rent buses to transport everyone there, and everyone will have dates to protect them through the scary haunted houses! Around Christmastime, go to an ice rink. You can bundle up in your scarves, jackets and fuzzy socks and go ice skating with your dates. Everyone will be trying not to fall but it will still be a great time! During spring or summer when it gets warmer, you can also do a date party bonfire or beach day. Play group volleyball on the beach, go in the water or have a good ole' bonfire with s'mores!

  1. Nautical

Nautical-themed dates are always fun, and anything water-related is always such a fun date dash theme. This can be a formal event or something that you turn into a costume party. You can ask your date out in a fun way (like by using a cooler). If you live near water, you can also turn this theme into a boat party, where you rent a boat for the night and dress up. They will have music too. Just make sure you bring a jacket; it gets cold out there!

  1. Roller Rink

This theme goes hand-in-hand with the ice-skating date dash idea; it's generally the same concept. For this idea, you can turn it into a '70s-themed skate and wear awesome neon colors. The boys usually love putting on '70s wigs and wearing goofy outfits, so this date dash theme will be really fun for them too.

  1. My Tie

Have a member of a fraternity come over beforehand and bring his brothers' ties for the girls to randomly choose from. When the fraternity members arrive for the date party, they will find their date and their tie. This is more of a mixer idea, but you can also do it another way. Have one of your sisters pick a date for you, get his tie and give it to you. She will invite him, but the date is still anonymous to both of you until he shows up at the date party!

  1. Champagne and Shackles

This theme was very popular among sororities for a long time. How it's usually done is that the girl will provide the handcuffs (you can also use a tie) and the guy would buy the champagne. This is an awesome way to get to know someone! We did this anonymously; all the guys would buy champagne and then we would pair randomly. Cuff the couple together, sip some champagne and chat, hang out by a fire or watch a movie.

  1. Sporting Event

This sorority date party idea is one of the best if you go to a school with a great sports team or a professional sports team. Check if the baseball team in your city has any College Nights (discounted tickets and discounted group prices) and plan out your date dash for that night. Usually, they will have group discounts, and everyone can get tickets for about $15-20. The guys will love this one (you know, sports). Plus, stadium food is the best greasy food out there!

  1. Bowling

This fun-filled date party idea can go one of two ways: you can either do a standard bowling game or be handcuffed to your partner while bowling. The latter is obviously harder. Make prizes for the three highest-scoring couples! In our opinion, whatever themes you can make spontaneous are the best. We heard of a fraternity that took away their pledges' cell phones and giving them 30 minutes to find a date. We think that's amazing! That's the most spontaneous you can get, and I'm sure it made for some really fun stories. It puts everyone outside their comfort zone a little bit and makes the whole thing more fun!

In fact, whichever sorority date party theme you choose, make it fun and don't take it too seriously. The whole point of a date party is to meet new people and have a great time with your sisters in a safe, supportive environment.

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