10 Sorority Rush Do's and Don'ts - Sorority Recruitment Tips

Look - It's so hard to know what to expect before going through sorority rush. We totally understand - we've been there. That's why we're here to give you tips on the do's and don'ts of sorority recruitment. Read on to find out more!  

Do: Get Lots of Sleep

This is key! When you get a great night's sleep, it benefits your mood, overall demeanor, skin, and brain clarity. Not to mention so many other benefits. I know when I'm tired, it means major crankiness for this gal. It makes the super-long days much more bearable if you are well-rested.  

Don't: Just Make Small Talk

Read up on some conversation tips so that you're not stuck when the conversation is blah. It's not going to be a great conversation if you're only talking about surface-level stuff. Some of the best convos I had during rush were about my family, what I love doing, or talking about favorite TV shows or movies we had in common. Have some topics in the back of your mind to bring out if the conversation goes stale.  

Do: Get to Know Your Rush Counselor (Rho Chi)

Your rush leader is there to help you and to give you guidance. And who knows, you may find out she is one of your sisters when rush is over! She knows a thing or two about sorority rush, having done it at least twice (once as a freshman, and then this go-around). Listen to her guidance and ask her advice if you are having trouble. That's what she's there for!  

Don't: Worry About About Being Overdressed

Sororities are looking for the classiest ladies to join their squad. This means, unless you're wearing inappropriate heels (you know the ones), it will be hard to over-do it. My mom always taught me: It's better to be overdressed than under-dressed. You want to be taken seriously but your potential sisters, so dress nicely, and if you are unsure, ask your Rho Chi or dress on the nicer side (check out our sorority recruitment outfit guide if you want more info).   [banner id="3402" caption_position="bottom" theme="default_style" height="auto" width="auto" show_caption="1" show_cta_button="1" use_image_tag="1"]  

Do: Bring Flip Flops

This is important! You will be going to multiple houses throughout the days of sorority recruitment, so this usually means WALKING to multiple houses. In heels. In the heat. Not fun. A MAJOR pro tip is to bring flip flops in your bag for in between houses. Your feet will thank you, trust me.  

Don't: Take it Personally

Listen: Isn't it better to find your tribe rather than to have everyone like you? This means that not every house is going to want you. Wanna know something? That's okay. If a chapter doesn't ask you back the next day, it just wasn't meant to be. You will find your group of girls at the house you're meant to join. That's why sorority rush exists: To help girls find what they want in a house, as well as to help houses find sisters that complement them. It is a mutually beneficial relationship, so keep that in mind. You wouldn't want to be in a relationship with a person who you didn't like, right?  

Do: Be on Your A-game

Eat healthy the days leading up to sorority rush, come prepared, practice good conversation, etc. These are all super-helpful tips to help you stay on your A-game! I know that before a big event is when I get the most nervous, so trying to be prepared for whatever will be thrown at me always helps me a lot. If you're nervous about sorority recruitment, just try to think about all of the things that could go right instead of things that could go wrong! You're going to meet some really awesome girls who could potentially be your best friends in the future. Plus - Bid Day is the most fun day of the year, so look forward to all the cute Greek clothing you'll get and the fun activities you'll get to do!  

Don't: Party During Recruitment

It may hurt your chances of getting a bid. Don't do something you may regret later because of peer pressure to go out. There are strict rules against partying during sorority rush. Even the girls in Panhellenic can't go out, so you all have something in common that week. Trust us - There will be SO many nights that you will be able to go out with your girlfriends. Don't let the FOMO get the best of you! You've been warned.  

Do: Hydrate, Eat, and Bring Reinforcements

This may or may not be the most important tip of the day. The chapter houses will provide both snacks and water (sometimes other beverages, like lemonade) during rush week. Use them! Even if you feel it will interrupt your conversations, the girls know that you need to stay hydrated and that you are probably hungry AF. Why? Because they are too. Recruitment week is a special kind of week, where no sleep runs rampant and there's barely time to both feed yourself and look pretty. This is super important if you want to be on your A-game. Take a quick snack break and your body will thank you for it. So, what do I mean by reinforcements? Well - It's hotter than heck outside, you're walking all day and you just want your bed. Bring touch-up makeup essentials to help you feel your best, and maybe some blotting sheets. And as I mentioned above, bring those flippy-floppys.  

Don't: Worry About Being Judged

Like I said before - Whatever's meant to happen with sorority rush, will. You will find your place and your best friends in college, no matter what house you're in! So - If you're worried about what the girls will think of you when you're going through rush, just know that all of these girls have been through it already. They know how it feels, and they know what's like to be nervous. Just go into the week with this mindset: "I am going to be myself, have great conversations, and try to connect with all of these girls." Don't try to force conversations either, as they will come naturally!   With that, we wish you the best of luck with fall sorority recruitment! Comment any more questions you have down below :)
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