Delta Phi Epsilon

Delta Phi Epsilon is all about living an authentic life, and we're all about giving you what you need to show your authentic love for your sorority. It's all right here at the Delta Phi Epsilon store at Greek U. Head over to your exclusive sorority store, and you'll be treated to a dazzling collection of shirts, sweatpants, accessories, housewares and more.

Welcome Delta Phi Epsilon members to the DPHIE Store!

You'll particularly dig the sorority apparel, as it comes in variety of styles you can easily wear all year long. Opt for a cozy fleece pullover for the winter, and then switch to a super sweet tank top when the weather gets sizzling. All items are adorned with your Greek letters, either sewn on or printed on the clothing.

The selection of housewares, jewelry and other merchandise is just as appealing. This especially holds true for the items that are sold in group orders that net a hefty discount. Once you're done outfitting and gifting yourself, it's time to spread the love with gifts to your sorority sisters. It all starts right here in your special shop at Greek U.