Sigma Kappa

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The History of Sigma Kappa

Founded on November 9, 1874, at Waterville, Maine’s historic Colby College, Sigma Kappa was originally the brainchild of five women. While the roots of most sororities throughout the U.S. are unique, the story of Sigma Kappa is a little extra special, since Colby College was the first New England Institution of Higher Learning to allow women to attend.

The first female student to attend the university was Mary Caffrey Low, who was admitted in 1871. She remained the only woman on campus for two years when, in 1873, four more women joined her. To strengthen the bond of sisterhood the women already felt, they decided to found a sorority, which they called Sigma Kappa.

The Sigma Kappa sorority works on the philanthropies of gerontology and Alzheimer’s disease research, as well as the Main Sea Coast Mission and Inherit the Earth. Currently, the sorority goes by the motto, “live with heart.”

Since those humble beginnings, the organization has grown to initiate upwards of 165,000 women around the world. Currently, Sigma Kappa has more than 120 active collegiate chapters in 36 states, and 120 alumnae chapters in 40 states!