Delta Sigma Phi

It doesn't matter if you became a member of Delta Sigma Phi 10 years ago or 5 months ago, you will want to have some of the top of the line paraphernalia we offer for your members here at GreekU! We offer everything from flags for chapter houses to stoles for your graduation day.
Delta Sigma Phi Color Oval Decal

Delta Sigma Phi Color Oval Decal

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Delta Sigma Phi Color Oval Decal. Our Color Oval Decal measures 5.25" x 3.5" and comes in full color ready for decorating. Style:  Oval Sticker / Decal

You'll find so many wonderful little things here at GreekU, like the Delta Sig Color Crest Ornament, which can be personalized and hung as decoration throughout the year or at Christmas-time. There's also a selection of paddles and plaques that you can have engraved with various pieces of information, such as the semester you joined or the names of important brothers.

When you become a member, every element of your college experience will no doubt become intertwined with your Greek life. That includes the day you walk across the stage and accept your college degree in front of family and friends. We sell graduation stoles that are meant to be draped over your shoulders, complementing your graduation robe and distinguishing you from the rest of your class.

It's always a good day and time to shop for Greek paraphernalia, especially when you have such a comprehensive catalog of options to choose from at GreekU. You can show your green and gold Delta Sigma Phi Pride every day of the week if you want. We are at your service and happy to expedite your order if needed.