Alpha Sigma Kappa

Alpha Sigma Kappa is a sorority for women pursuing a career in the fields of mathematics, architecture, engineering, technology and the sciences. The sorority is sometimes referred to as WiTS, which stands for Women in Technical Studies. Alpha Sigma Kappa was founded at the University of Minnesota in 1989 and became a national organization in 1996. There are 13 active chapters, six alumnae groups and two colonies.

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Alpha Sigma Kappa is a dedicated social sorority designed to cater to women in STEM programs, specifically the fields of mathematics, architecture, engineering, and science.

Founded on the campus of the University of Minnesota on May 1, 1989, Alpha Sigma Kappa is one of the Little Sisters Triangle organizations, which was formed originally with the help of eighteen women: Sonja (Antolik) Fisher, Nicholie (Olsen) Bufkin, Jacqueline (Dandurand) Seal, Jennifer (Parker) Zylko, Jean Etzell, Cheryl (Perusich) Kussow, Kelly (Gram) Riehle, Jennifer (Holland) Richards, Mara Hollinbeck, Ann (Romani) Felteau, Sharon Kosmalski, Karen (Schlangen) Steele, Sara Krawlewski, Leanne Wolske, Melissa Matschiner, Joan Zak, Donna Monson and Elizabeth Zimmermann.

Today, Alpha Sigma Kappa maintains ten chapters and more than 1,000 lifetime members, and continues uplifting and supporting women in their search of technical degrees in in-demand fields. If you’re a current or former member of Alpha Sigma Kappa, Greek U is your source for all your Alpha Sigma Kappa merchandise, including shirts, sweatshirts, and other clothing, and a wide assortment of household goods.

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The History of Alpha Sigma Kappa

Alpha Sigma Kappa was designed to encourage women to pursue technical careers, which have historically been dominated by men. At the time of its founding, only 17% of University of Minnesota enrollees were female. Alpha Sigma Kappa sought to change that for the better, and to make enrolling in a technical field easier and more welcoming for women around the world. Today, the organization’s goal is to promote friendship and academic achievement in its members.  Some of its notable alumni have become companding officers in the Navy, Actresses, and prominent members of the National Science Foundation.