Delta Delta Delta

Joining the Delta Delta Delta sorority makes you part of a lifelong sisterhood that brings out the best of its members. It's a true honor to be a member of this organization that goes back more than 130 years, and with our Tri Delta merchandise, you can display this honor for all to see. We take our products as seriously as you take your commitment to peace, love and understanding. Our Delta Delta Delta clothing comes in many designs, styles, sizes and colors for you and your entire chapter. Get a new lettered sweatshirt, matching jerseys, house tank tops and other Tri Delta apparel that's made from high-quality materials so they last.

Welcome Delta Delta Delta members to the TriDelta Store!

We have low prices and bulk discounts on many Delta Delta Delta items so you can afford to be stylish even on a college student's budget. Group orders on products such as tote bags, custom jewelry, fanny packs, and drink coasters are simple so you can give Tri Delta gifts to a pledge class or be a perfect match at recruitment events. You can pick out a single Tri Delta hat, blanket or graduation stole as well if you want to treat yourself. Greek U has no-hassle returns on all of our personalized Delta Delta Delta merchandise so you won't be left hanging if something isn't quite right.