Delta Delta Delta Jewelry

Celebrate all of the amazing graduates in your pledge class by placing a group order for Chi Omega graduation stoles from Greek U. These gorgeous grad sashes are designed to be worn over your graduation robe during the ceremony.

Customize them for any graduation at any school by choosing from a variety of different color combinations, materials and custom text. Match them to your school colors if your college has strict graduation requirements or get creative if you have a bit more leeway. Opt for a Chi Omega stole with sewn-on letters or embroidered letters, depending on your preference.

A beautiful, well-made Chi Omega stole from our store is the perfect graduation keepsake you can hold onto for years. Pull it out every time you want to think back on some of the most fun years of your life. Order a single Chi Omega stole for yourself or get a great discount on a group order for you and the rest of your graduating pledge class. Help your sisters look their best by including Chi Omega graduation cap toppers and honors cords in your order. You may also want to consider ordering a few Chi Omega hats to help tame that hat hair after the ceremony.

Custom Greek Delta Delta Delta Jewelry From Greek U

Here at Greek U, we're proud to bring you the latest Delta Delta Delta jewelry styles. Here you’ll find a large assortment of high-quality jewelry essentials like our sterling silver Delta Delta Delta lavaliers and necklaces, gold sorority rings, and our bracelets which are perfect for every Tri Delta girl! No matter what you need, you can rest assured you'll find it in our ample selection! We also have big and little sis Delta Delta Delta charms to give your sister something she’ll cherish forever. These cute items are affordable and high-quality, which means you can gift them with confidence!  You will also find some unique custom jewelry like the official token charm and medallion charm if you’re looking for something new and different! As if that weren't enough, you can also customize our jewelry according to your unique preferences! 

Get Your Tri Delta Lavalier Today

Here at Greek U, we carry traditional Delta Delta Delta lavaliers for your shopping pleasure. Designed for Greek girls from all backgrounds and experiences, these cute little items are among our top-selling! If you're looking for something more unique, you should know that we recently added gold Delta Delta Delta jewelry pieces to our repertoire, and they are stunning! In addition to the gold, our sterling silver Tri Delt pieces are of the highest quality and are virtually guaranteed to go with any skin tone or outfit.  Our Tri Delta lavalier is by far our most popular jewelry piece followed closely by our Swarovski crystal necklaces. Looking for a gift for that special someone's birthday or graduation day? Check out our heart-shaped necklaces with crystals, which are the perfect gift for any sorority sister. If you're looking for something unique, our Greek lavaliers are the perfect gift for your big or little sister. They come in gold and silver with your Delta Delta Delta letters on them. If you want to purchase a large quantity, we can offer a wholesale price for you. 

Delta Delta Delta Rings & Bracelets for Your Girls!

Other favorite items are our Delta Delta Delta rings and bracelets, which are versatile and stylish!  We have a bangle bracelet customized for each Delta Delta Delta's colors, and new rings in both silver and gold that make great gifts, no matter what that special someone loves. If you're looking for some really traditional Greek styling, we also have an official pearl sorority bracelet that makes great gifts during the holidays. Choose from our wide variety of jewelry and even order for your group! Group discounts are available for jewelry; give your new members gifts for initiation or right after recruitment and help them feel like part of the crew! Your new members will love these dainty Tri Delta jewelry gifts, and Delta Delta Delta rings that they will be able to wear all of the time.  Our Delta Delta Deltajewelry is the perfect small gift to include with a bid day bundle bag! Pair with other Delta Delta Delta merchandise and you will have a great bundle for new members.