Alpha Kappa Alpha Graduation Stoles

If you’re a proud Alpha Kappa Alpha sister, you’ll want to wear your letters while you cross the stage during commencement. Celebrate some of the best years of your life with a beautiful pink and green graduation stole over your graduation gown. Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority graduation stoles from Greek U are designed to incorporate the sorority’s official colors, Greek letters, symbols and other defining characteristics so you can easily identify your sisters in the crowd or mark yourself as a Pretty Girl. AKA graduation stoles from Greek U are designed to be worn on your graduation day, but will make a lovely keepsake for years to come. The stoles are made from high-quality materials and include your group’s Greek letters or full name on one side in either embroidered or sewn-on letters. While you’re shopping for stoles, don’t forget to order a set of Alpha Kappa Alpha honor cords to complete your look.

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Giving a stole is a great gift for that special person. It is something that can be proudly worn throughout one of the most emotional days. The bittersweet feeling of graduating college and entering into the "real world" is hard to explain. You're leaving a life that you've had for four years, but starting a new chapter in your journey. It can be hard for a lot of people, but always remember the friends you have gained and the experiences you have had.