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Welcome Kappa Delta Chi members to the Kappa Delta Chi Store!

Kappa Delta Chi is a Greek letter sorority that was founded by a group of Latina women on the campus of Texas Tech University in 1987. Dedicated to graduating all its members, providing outstanding community service in the communities in which it is located, and offering professional and personal networking opportunities for its members, Kappa Delta Chi stands out as a reputable, well-known sorority with a lot to offer.

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The History of Kappa Delta Chi

Like most sororities, Kappa Delta Chi has a long history. Founded at Texas Tech University by four friends who wanted to provide a platform for leadership, community, and sisterhood for Latina women at the university, Kappa Delta Chi’s mission has always been to promote friendship and excellence. The sorority’s motto is “Leading with Integrity, United through Service.”

While it was founded in the late 1980s, Kappa Delta Chi didn’t become nationally recognized until 1991. Today, Kappa Delta Chi isn’t just a Latina sorority - it includes women of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and religions, and it draws upon its diverse and dedicated base of members to continue its good works in the communities in is based in.