9 of the Coolest College Traditions from Around the Country

Didn't you love participating in the fun college traditions your school had? Us too! It was all part of the fun of campus life, and I can bet those are some of your must fun memories from college. Whether it be homecoming games, freshman welcome, or a "good luck with finals" tradition, we wanted to see how colleges across the country differ. We asked the people who know their campuses best. These students and bloggers share their favorite traditions to participate in during the school year. Read on to find out how fun and unique these college traditions are! *Some answers have been edited for length and/or clarity.  

9. University of Central Missouri

At the University of Central Missouri, we have a lot of traditions. But my favorite is a street fair that is hosted before the first football game of the season called Get the Red Out. Both university organizations and local organizations participate in Get the Red Out, bringing together the college and the local community. It is a day full of fun with face painting, inflatables, and of course, food. ~ Tiffany Anderson, Far From Normal  

8. Becker College

One of my favorite traditions at Becker College in Worcester, MA is during the winter months. We loved to "take" trays from the dining room and go sledding down the huge hill that leads to the soccer field. If we are unable to take the trays we switch to human log rolling which is a refreshing (cold) way to feel like a kid again! ~ Lindsay, Highlights & Hashtags  

7. High Point University

At High Point University, we don't have a ton of traditions. Our university was founded in 1924, but went through a "re-birth" in the early 2000's when Dr. Nido Qubein took over as president. Because of this, more of our tradition are new. At HPU, fountains can be found everywhere. They symbolize that water is life and life is a cycle. They are meant to remind up that water is energy. It is tradition during the first week of class for new students to run or walk behind the 15-food waterfall at the Hoffman Amphitheater in David R. Hayworth Park. It is meant to serve as a symbol of good luck in our academic and personal success. ~ Mandy Engelman, Mandy J. Engelman  

6. Ripon College

Pride runs deep at Ripon College. Every single day round noon the students pile into the Commons to eat, and once you arrive at the Commons, you can't miss it. Our community is so strong that every student feels 100% comfortable leaving their belongings on the floor right outside of the cafeteria. Students leave their backpacks, computers, coats, etc. floating along in a sea of stuff, and there is no fear. Only friendship and a mutual respect. ~ Amber Lovell, An Ember in the Ashes  

5. Monmouth University

One thing that I can think of that that's unique at Monmouth University is that our Greek Life does not have Greek housing. Instead of the traditional Greek row, each organization at Monmouth decorates a large rock on our residential quad. It shows each organization's letters, values, colors, and other special meanings and objects specific to each organization, while still showcasing creativity. It might not be as cool as Greek housing, but it's still unique and they're cool to look at and decorate! ~ Rebeca Roth  

4. Baylor University

At Baylor University, our main tradition is the Baylor Line. Every freshman receives a Baylor line jersey, which looks like a football jersey with your own personal nickname on the back! The freshman run across the football field in their gold jerseys to line up and cheer on the football team as they run onto McLane Stadium. Then the freshman sit in their own section behind the opposing teams bench. As a senior, you wear your line jersey and run the line in the last football game to come full circle. This is the best tradition, in my opinion because I truly felt part of the Baylor family running across the field as hundreds of Baylor alumni cheered us on. ~ Tanna Wasilchak, Collar to Collar  

3. Duquesne University

One of my favorite traditions at Duquesne is our St. Paddy's Day celebrations! We don't just celebrate in the Southside of Pittsburgh as a school, but with the surrounding schools like the University of Pittsburgh and Chatham University, also the residents of Pittsburgh! Pittsburgh celebrates altogether making it a city-wide weekend celebration! ~ Olivia Kappler  

2. Johnson & Wales University

One of my favorite traditions that my sorority sisters and I do is that on the first night at school, after we get back from our long summer vacation we all dress up in white dresses and hangout together and go to dinner. It is one of my favorite traditions because not seeing each other for 3 months is so hard and that one day is just such a happy day because we get to all be together and have some fun. It's so great because it's a room full of my 80 best friends and we're all taking pictures and catching up about summer. And everyone knows this is our tradition so if they see us out on this night around Providence they know we're having our big return to school night and it's a great feeling to know how recognized we are. ~ Dana Hasson, Diva D Fashion  

1. Northern Kentucky University

I attend Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, and our mascot is the Norse. Not a lot of people were super interested in Victor the Viking until our recent appearance in the NCAA tournament, however; homecoming week for us gives our students the chance to show their NKU pride. We've had, for the paint few years a helmet, viking style via horns, painting contest, where different groups like Student Government, Norse Leadership, and lots of Greek life can show off their skills and have a member model their helmet. Fortunately, my sorority has won the past two years in a row. Here are some cool pictures of how crazy students get. ~ Kolby Jo Hawkins   [caption id="attachment_2992" align="aligncenter" width="960"]Phi Sigma Sigma helmet Northern Kentucky University picture Credit: Kolby Jo Hawkins[/caption]   Boy do I want to go back to college! What's your favorite college tradition? Comment down below!  
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