Proud to Be Greek Wednesdays - June 20th, 2018

The lifelong bonds you form, the communities you serve, and the invaluable lessons you learn are all part of an unforgettable Greek organization experience. Joining a brotherhood or sisterhood is an honor and a privilege, and with it comes social awareness and responsibility. Each week we are going to be featuring an essay written by a fraternity/sorority member to highlight how Greek life has had a positive impact. Feeling Empowered Like many who have joined a Greek organization, I knew very little about my school’s sororities when I decided to rush--all the names, colors, and symbols blended together as I shuffled between rooms meeting an endless amount of beautiful, accomplished, and kind women representing the seven New York University Panhellenic sororities. I joined Alpha Sigma Tau, where I quickly found my home amongst some of the most amazing women I’ve ever met--hardworking, passionate, driven, funny, caring, and fun. As a freshman, I had been so intimidated to make friends; in Alpha Tau, I easily fell into friendships with people who I continue to call my best friends. I am so lucky to have a fantastic family line--both my big and grandbig have been extremely involved in the sorority and their passion influenced me to get involved as well. Holding staff positions like Secretary and Director of Event Planning has helped me grow and improve my communication and leadership skills. I loved planning events with other sororities and fraternities this past semester, creating more friendships with other organizations for myself and my sisters. I’ve been especially lucky to get involved with the New York Dance Marathon. Each year in November, the NYU Greek community comes together to spend 12 hours dancing in honor of the Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, which funds cancer research and supports the families of children with cancer. I had an amazing time at the event my freshman year--dancing all day along with my Alpha Tau sisters and many of my friends from other Greek Organizations. It’s an event that brings together everyone with a united cause. Each organization cares so deeply about NYDM and I am so proud to be part of a community that has raised over 1 million dollars for The B+ Foundation. This year I am a member of the NYDM Executive Board as the Morale Chair. I will organize three small committees to create decorations for the event, choreograph a line dance that will be performed every hour, facilitate games throughout the day, and spread the message of hope and positivity that is so central to NYDM. I am so thankful that my family line, sisters, and friends from other organizations share my passion for the event and support me in my insane fundraising efforts--this year, for every $5 I raised, I posted an ugly photo or video of myself to Facebook! My life has been changed for the better by joining Alpha Sigma Tau--in my friendships with my sisters and the women in other Panhellenic organizations at NYU. My best friend and roommate Casey is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha at NYU, and I love having someone that understands the time and dedication required to be a strong member of a sorority. The support that we give each other and the support I receive from women from Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Gamma, and Alpha Phi Epsilon (just to name a few) is so empowering. I am so honored to be part of such a strong, supportive community of women.  
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