Top 5 Ways To Make Your Sorority Sisters Your Valentines

Top 5 Ways to Make Your Sorority Sisters Your Valentines

With Valentine's Day quickly approaching, who better to spread the love to than your amazing sorority sisters!!! They are there for you through thick and thin, love you despite all your weirdness (maybe even because of it ;)), and can even bring a smile to your face during a stressful day of tests! Here are some brilliant (if I do say so myself) ideas to show these amazing ladies just how much you love them.  

5) Craft your sisters a super cute pin box with your letters on it!

  Almost every local craft store across the nation offers a wide variety of tiny wooden or cardboard blank boxes (often in perfect V-Day shapes like hearts!). I have found some really great options at Michaels Craft Stores in the past, but you could go to any local craft store in your area and they will likely have some good options. While you are there pick up whatever crafting supplies you may need such as paints, gems, beads, tiny letters, flowers, shells, etc. If you have a lot of girls in your chapter, most craft stores have some really cute spray paint colors and often you can get ones with cool effects like crackling or antiquing!! This will save you time and still give really cute effects for the boxes. Here are some of our favorite pin boxes we have seen, but if you need any inspiration click here for the latest and greatest pin boxes from Pinterest!!  

4) Bring flowers to meeting for everyone!

  Flowers brighten everyone's day and your sisters will know you thought of them when picking out flowers for them! A great way to find flowers for everyone is to look up a local flower wholesaler! They are often cheaper and fresher quality than the grocery store variety and you can be sure they have enough of the flowers you want to get for your chapter :) You can also try going to a farmer's market to pick up your fresh flowers. We suggest getting your organization's national flower for your sisters as this will make your little Valentine's gift to them even more special!

3) Make handwritten cards with affirmations

Go grab all the red, pink, and white paper you can find, cut them in to folded hearts and write your sisters a quick note about why you love them so much!! Just like when you were a kid :) If you are feeling extra creative get paper doilies to line the outsides or sprinkle them with glitter! You can also follow these simple instructions we found on Pinterest for making pop-up heart cards :)

2) Bake a sweet treat for your sisters!

  Show the love by passing out some homemade sweets to your sisters! We found these super adorable conversation heart cookies from The Cake Mamas :) Make any kind of cookie you like for the base. Sugar cookies work really well for getting a smooth top like these and go really well with the vanilla frosting, though if you feel like mixing it up try snicker doodles, red velvet, or Funfetti cookie recipes! I like to use because they have lots of options (duh!) To get lots of different colors for the pastel conversation hearts, get an assorted mix of food dyes and mix them in little bowls so you have plenty of options when frosting. Be sure to wait for the frosted colors to dry a little before trying to write on them. To write the personal messages on top, put a few drops of red food dye into vanilla frosting to make the pink color you like and then scoop some into a zip-lock baggie. Cut a very small tip off the corner of one bag and write little messages on your cookies!

1) Share This Post With Them

  Let's be honest, it doesn't take a batch of cookies or bunches of flowers to impress your sisters, because they already love and adore you!! So go ahead and share this post with them to let them know you feel the same and you are thinking about them this Valentine's Day! To any sisters who have received this, whoever sent this to you loves you and appreciates every little thing you do for them! You Rock Sister Friend!!! Have a wonderful Valentine's Day! <3   Sorority Valentine's Day picture  
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