Delta Upsilon Fanny Packs

Work, play, fashion: A good fanny pack does it all, and fortunately for you, we only sell the best fanny packs at Greek U. In fact, Greek U is your one-stop shop for all your monogrammed and customizable fanny pack needs.

Perfect as a gift for a hardworking brother or sister, a recent grad, or a new recruit into your big Greek family, these fun throwback items are some of our shop's hottest sellers. If you're not sure what you want, or which color will look best on you, contact our team today and we'll be glad to make some stylish suggestions. Our staff has been helping people place Greek U orders for years, and we are happy to work with you to ensure you get exactly what you want from our shop. Order a single fanny pack or stock up on belt bags for the entire chapter and let Greek U help you find just what you need.

Make It Your Own with Our Customization Options

Can't bear the thought of having the same fanny pack as everyone else? Customize it! Here at Greek U, we know that sorority and fraternity members often like to stand out from the crowd. That's why we work so hard to offer a wide selection of unique goods that you can make your own through monograms and other small tweaks.

Just choose the style and color of fanny pack you like and add your unique touch. We offer plenty of options to customize your fanny pack and truly make it your own. Don't feel intimidated by all the options available - our staff is here to help you with the complete process, and you're virtually guaranteed to walk away with something you love. Our shop is full of fun items just waiting to be customized, so don't wait to check it out!