Alpha Kappa Alpha Jewelry

Alpha Kappa Alpha is one of the largest Greek-lettered sororities in America. Founded in 1908 at Howard University in Washington, D.C., the 16 founding members sought to improve social and economic conditions through community service. Today, service to others remains a tenant of the sorority with AKA sisters serving their communities on a regular basis. Alpha Kappa Alpha boasts a membership of over 300,000 women and one of the ways members recognize each other is through wearing their Greek letters.

If you're a proud Alpha Kappa Alpha sister or alumni member, you’ll love wearing sorority jewelry from Greek U. Our inspired designs incorporate the group’s Greek letters, colors and symbols. Use this jewelry as a way of wearing your letters every day around campus or choose a special piece to keep your sisterhood close to your heart. Our beautiful sorority jewelry is available in a wide range of styles so every sister will find something she loves. While you’re shopping, don’t forget that AKA jewelry also makes a great gift idea for your fellow sorority sisters. Pick something up for a new sister, your Big or Little or your best friend.

Custom Greek Alpha Kappa Alpha Jewelry

Here at Greek U, we're proud to bring you the latest Alpha Kappa Alpha jewelry styles and items. Here you’ll find a large assortment of high-quality jewelry essentials that are perfect for going from day to night and back to day! Our adorable sterling silver Alpha Kappa Alpha lavalieres and necklaces, gold sorority rings, and bracelets are perfect for every APhi girl, and will quickly become some of the best-loved pieces in your jewelry box.  If you're looking for some Alpha Kappa Alpha bracelets or necklaces to give to your big or little sis, you need to look no further than our selection. We also have big and little sis Alpha Kappa Alpha charms to give your sisters something she’ll cherish forever and to ensure she knows just how thankful you are to have her. These cute items are affordable and high-quality!  You will also find some unique custom jewelry like the official token charm and medallion charm if you’re looking for something new and different! Shop today and find something you'll want to wear forever!

Alpha Kappa Alpha Lavalieres Charms & Necklaces

Lover of all things gold and sparkly, especially when it comes to  Alpha Kappa Alpha rings and charms? You're in luck - we recently added gold Alpha Kappa Alpha jewelry pieces to our repertoire, and they are stunning! In addition to the gold, our sterling silver pieces are of the highest-quality and will be the perfect accessory to any outfit.  Our AKA lavaliere is by far our most popular jewelry piece, followed shortly by our necklaces with Swarovski crystals in the middle - these are the perfect items for Greek girls who love the bling!  We feature a heart shaped necklace with a crystal, which is the perfect gift for any sorority sisters or even for your mother or biological sister since they're ideal for telling the special people in your life how much you love them.  Our Greek lavaliers are the perfect gift for your big or little sister. They come in gold and silver and can be edited to include your Alpha Kappa Alpha letters. If you want to purchase a large quantity, we can offer a wholesale price for you in an attempt to make those special group gifts more affordable. We'll also go above and beyond to ensure that your bulk order process is seamless and that we're doing anything possible to help you excel. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha Rings & Bracelets From Greek U

Your new members will love these dainty AKA jewelry gifts  and Alpha Kappa Alpha rings that they will be able to wear all of the time.  Our Alpha Kappa Alpha jewelry is the perfect small gift to include with a bid day bundle bag! While you're shopping for those special gifts for those special gals, don't forget to check out our other Alpha Kappa Alpha merchandise, which pairs beautifully with our jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Grab yourself something to go and get ready to rock that Alpha Kappa Alpha life!