10 Best Places for Meeting New People in College

Around 20.4 million college students are attending American colleges or universities.

With those many students going to school, it seems like meeting people in college would be easy. Yet, for many, it isn't. If you're a student that's finding it difficult to meet others, keep reading for some tips.

Why is it Difficult to Meet Others in College?

One of the top reasons college students have a hard time meeting people is because of shyness.

Approximately 40-60 percent of adults report being a shy person. Shyness, or an introverted nature, can make it difficult to step outside of your comfort zone.

Another reason for a hard time making friends could be that you aren't as comfortable at parties. It's a cliche that all college students want to party, but not everyone does.

It could be that your problems don't stem from internal differences to others. Academic overload can be another reason you find it difficult. Stress and bad time-management make it harder for students to have social lives.

The Importance of Meeting People in College

Why is it essential that you find friends at school? Why can't you study and graduate without having to try?

Some think having a social life keeps you from your studies. While that might be true if you're not managing your time well, it isn't the whole truth.

Companionship actually has a way of keeping students from breaking under academic pressures. Having other people to empathize with and encourage helps students achieve their goals.

How to Meet People at College

Here are some tips on where you can meet people at college.

The Dorms

One of the easiest ways to meet others in college is to go where the people are: the dorms.

Whether it's by going to a dorm party or putting yourself out there, you'll meet others where they live. If you find friends in the dorms, they'll also be close by for the semester.

Be friendly, say hello, and strike up conversations. If you don't start the conversation, chances are you're going to miss out on a good connection. Also, use the open door policy. After asking your roommate of course. People will know you're dorm is open and ready for hanging out.

You could even open your dorm to a warming party if you and your roommate are up for it. Stock up on food and beverages, and you'll be everyone's friend by the end of the night.

Start a Study Group

Since you're already there to learn, why not make it a group effort?

Ask people in your classes if they'd like to form a study group. Most likely it'll turn into a chance to grab a bite to eat with everyone. The best part is, everyone already has a common subject to talk about: homework and the professor.

When the class is over, you'll have made some lasting friendships.

Get a Job

Co-workers have a way of becoming closer than you thought they would. Your mutual dislike of customer service is a great way to bond with everyone on the team.

Not only will you make some extra cash, but you'll also make some friends in the meantime.

Common Areas

Not everyone wants to hang out in their dorms all day.

That's why common areas are a great place to meet people you haven't seen. Everyone migrates all over campus, attending different classes. But common areas are where paths meet.

Do some easy homework assignments in one of these areas. It could be the perfect way to strike up a conversation with a stranger.

Meet Someone in the Dining Hall

The dining hall is a good place to meet others. Everyone from all over campus has to get their food somewhere, right?

Don't be shy. Ask someone who's sitting alone if you can sit with them. There's always a chance they are looking for friends as well but are too shy to introduce themselves.

More Tips on How to Meet New People in College

Those are only a few places you can meet others. Keep reading for even more golden tips.

The Laundry Room

Doing your laundry is a must. But why not try making friends in the process?

No one likes doing laundry. It's boring, and sometimes you feel it's necessary to stand and guard your things. If you plan on staying in the laundry room with your clothes, try talking to someone else who's doing the same thing.

Talking to someone can make the time go by faster.

On the Bus

Whether you're saving gas money or can't find parking, the bus is a must.

Next time, try talking to someone that sits next to you. Or, you can take a chance and sit beside someone when you get on the bus.

Extracurricular Events

There's always something going on at college; whether it's a sports game or club event.

Take advantage of the setting to go meet new people. You never know who you'll end up exchanging contact information with.


If you want to meet some friendly people, try volunteering.

Do you have a passion for anything in particular? You could join a group that picks up trash on campus. Or try a child advocacy group. Whatever you do, get to know the people with whom you're volunteering. You could enjoy having friends who care.

School News Paper or Magazine

Do you have a penchant for writing? Do you enjoy deadlines and putting out materials for everyone to read?

The school newspaper is the place for you. You'll be able to form close bonds with people with similar interests. Being on the paper can mean late nights and food runs with the people you work with.

More College Tips

College is a time of experience. It's a time for personal growth and finding out who you are. Meeting people in college is one step closer to making lasting memories.

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