5 Super Easy Workouts You Can Do In Your Dorm

5 Super-Easy Workouts You Can Do in Your Dorm

Someone wise said that "Exercise not only changes your body, it changes your mind, your attitude and your mood." All of those are extremely beneficial if you are a collegiate Greek. There are so many pressures that you are expected to overcome as both a student and fraternity or sorority member.

 You may not always have time to head outside to exercise when you have a paper due or countless chapters to read. So try these 5 super-easy workouts that you can do right in your dorm room.


  1. Leg Lifts Between Chapters

When you’re studying your textbook at the desk in your dorm, why not make a little game of it. Every time you complete a chapter or section, and successfully gain a full understanding of what you need to learn, pause to do a set of leg lifts.


Just back up from the desk in your chair, ground your feet, grab the back of your chair wherever it feels comfortable to steady yourself and lift your knees up as far as you can. Then release. Repeat until you’ve done about 10.


  1. Plank for 25 Seconds as You Recite Your Upcoming Speech

Are you expected to give a short speech before a panel for your sorority or fraternity? Do short plank sessions as you recite important lines from your talk. You could also downward facing dog instead if planks are a little stressful for you.


  1. State the Facts While Doing Jumping Jacks

As you probably know, college is mostly about memorizing important facts and data so that you can pass your exams. Do some jumping jacks as you remember and recite facts on the important subjects that you’re required to study. The jumping will help get your circulation going and stimulate your senses as you recall info.


  1. Easy Push Ups to High Energy Music

Have you ever turned on your favorite high energy song and committed to doing a few push-ups? Putting on some music will motivate you to get the job done. You don’t have to do your push-ups on the dorm room floor (which probably could use a good vacuuming and sanitizing session). Just grab the edge of your bed, extend your feet out behind you, get on your toes, and start pumping up and down. Even if you only do 10 or 15 pushups, that’s progress. The more you do them, the deeper you’ll be able to bring your body down and the more reps you’ll be able to achieve.


  1. Leg Pushes (With Help from Your Roommate)

If you and your roommate need a quick break, put the books and laptop aside for a minute and do some leg pushes. Lay back on your bed or a yoga mat on your floor with your legs as a 90-degree angle and have your roommate stand safely above your head. Allow your roomie to push your legs forward, then let them slowly return to 90 degrees. It’s good for working out your thighs and abdomen, and it’s also a nice bonding activity when you guys need a quick break.


If there was ever an excuse to have some cool sorority and fraternity workout clothes handy, including joggers, sweatpants, and tank tops, these five dorm room exercises are it. The more comfortable you are, the more you’ll feel inspired to work out and get things done throughout the school year.


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