Top 10 Signs You Live In A Sorority House

Top 10 Signs You Live in a Sorority House

Sorority living is usually very rewarding and fun. At the same time, there can be some challenges—things that you’ll have to get used to while living with dozens of other women on or off campus. You’re going to quickly learn how to co-exist with others who have different habits, activities, and backgrounds. If you live in your chapter’s residence, you might relate to these 10 signs that you live in a sorority house on campus. 

  1. Someone Is at the Front Door Every 10 Minutes

One thing you’ll quickly learn about living in a sorority house is that it can be like living in Grand Central Station. People come over frequently for visits or residents are in and out from class. You’ll get used to hearing the doorbell or someone knocking on the front door often. 

  1. Makeup When You Wakeup

Here’s something else you can expect to see first thing in the morning (and late at night before parties) when you live in a sorority house: makeup trays, bags, and products covering just about every inch of every bathroom counter or shelving unit. You’d better claim a spot soon! 

  1. Everyone Is Still Up at 3AM

The energy inside a sorority house is so lively that it’s common for the whole house to be up as late as three, four, or even five o’clock in the morning. Some are studying, some are visiting sisters in other dorm rooms, and some are in the kitchen making a late-night snack. It’s rare for anyone to be asleep before midnight, even if they have early morning classes. 

  1. Hair Is Everywhere

One thing that just about every sorority woman has is a lot of hair. You’ll see hair pretty much everywhere in your chapter house, whether it’s on the bathroom sink, the floor, or in the drain of your favorite shower stall. You’ll probably see a lot of combs and brushes full of hair laying around as well as a few hair extensions hang-drying from time to time. 

  1. Sorority Paraphernalia Often Goes “Missing”

It’s pretty common for coveted sorority para to come up missing when you live in the chapter house. Some sisters like to play the “para game,” where they basically take your Greek gear and keep it until you finally realize it’s not in its usual place. So make sure you keep your favorite sorority paddles, lettered t-shirts, and other Greek paraphernalia in a safe hiding place. 

  1. There’s No Such Thing as Privacy

One of the reasons why you’re required to spend so much time with your future sorority sisters during recruitment time is that for the next three to four years, privacy will be pretty much non-existent. When you live in a sorority house, you’ll have to share bathrooms, common areas, and constantly see other sisters who are socializing in the hallways. Also, don’t always expect your sisters to knock before entering your bedroom. 

  1. You Can’t Get a Shower Before Class

When you live in a sorority house there are going to be multiple women contending for their time in the shared bathroom. There may be some days when you don’t get to shower. So, you might not always feel or smell as fresh as you’d like when you walk into lecture hall. 

  1. You Hear Your Sisters Rehearsing at Random Hours

It’s after midnight, and suddenly you hear your sorority song being sung by a choir of voices in the main room. Or music starts playing as they rehearse a unique dance routine. They’re practicing for the upcoming presentation for a special recruitment event or formal affair. 

  1. The Kitchen Sink Always Seems to Be Full of Dirty Dishes

You walk into the kitchen at your sorority house after classes each evening and there’s a sink full of dirty dishes. It’s rare for anyone to clean up after themselves because they’re probably waiting for the sorority house director to handle things. It’s probably best to stock up on paper goods for your dorm room. 

  1. Sorority Signs and Group Photos Everywhere You Look

Sorority members are serious about their organizations, and take pride in displaying their colors and letters on Greek t-shirts, jackets, and jewelry. That’s also the case when it comes to sorority home décor. You’ll probably see sorority afghans and pillows, paddles and plaques, and countless stationery and desk items decorated with Greek letters throughout the house.


Living in a sorority house is an interesting and exciting experience. Make sure you’re geared up for the semester ahead. For quality sorority and fraternity gifts, clothing, and merchandise that will arrive in time for rush season, shop .

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