5 Ted Talks Guaranteed To Inspire You

5 TED Talks Guaranteed to Inspire You

TED talks have been inspiring, motivating, and educating people since 1984. The TED acronym standard for Technology, Education, and Design, which pretty much encompasses most things we find of value. Here are 5 TED Talks conducted over the years that are guaranteed to inspire you in some way. They may reach you directly and instantly in whatever thoughts or questions you've been having as you pursue your collegiate career, including Greek life.

7 Things to Do Before You Graduate College by Liz Wessel


You don't always get a lot of guidance about how to navigate college before you attend or while you're there. In this TED Talk, 7 Things to Do Before Your Graduate College, Liz Wessel gives you some tips on what to do before you graduate college and get a good position before you walk across the stage. You can't imagine the peace you will have knowing that after four years of hard work, you have a job waiting for you.

Every Kid Needs a Champion by Rita Pierson


Who was your champion growing up? Who encouraged or inspired you to go to college and pursue a career? While you’re in college you may still be in need of a champion, but when you graduate you will have to fill this role for someone younger. In this TED Talk, Every Kid Needs a Champion, Rita Pierson talks about the importance of human connection and having someone to look up to and believe in you.

Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce by Malcolm Gladwell


One thing you will learn after you graduate is that marketing is an element of everyday life whether it is promoting a family get together or launching a campaign for an international company. Malcolm Gladwell has written and spoken on a variety of issues that affect the marketing mind. In his TED Talk, Choice, Happiness, and Spaghetti Sauce, he explains how most people make choices in life, particularly ones that they will be pleased with.

How Your Unique Story Can Help You Get Hired by Aimee Eubanks Davis


Are you worried about how or whether you are going to get hired this upcoming semester, or after you graduate? After spending thousands to fund your education, getting a return on your investment becomes your primary goal. Learn the power of telling your unique story from Aimee Eubanks Davis. Storytelling has been valuable since ancient days. People want to hear about what others before them have done to achieve their successes or accomplishments.

How to Discover Your ‘Why’ in Difficult Times by Simon Sinek


This TED Talk author, Simon Sinek, talks about how you can rebuild after going through the stress and fallout from living in a world plagued by a pandemic. How do you deal with needing someone to understand you when you don’t even understand things yourself? How do you discover your “why” in difficult times?

There are countless sources you can look to if you want to get inspired, and you don’t even have to leave your college dorm room. Play one or more of these TED Talks on YouTube as soon as you wake and before you go to sleep each night.

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