The 24 Best Things About Being Sorority President

  Being sorority president must be quite the feat. If you are the president of your chapter, you must organize most chapter events, delegate at Panhellenic gatherings, and not to mention, help all of your chapter members whenever they are struggling. And that's just scratching the surface of the president's responsibilities. We asked presidents around the country what they think the best part of their job is. We received an overwhelming amount of replies. And all presidents seemed to agree on one thing: Being chapter president has been the most rewarding experience. Not only that, but they have grown so much as people, as leaders, and as professional women.  

Building Upon Sorority Traditions

1. "For me, the best thing about being a sorority president is that I can now give back to the chapter that gave so much to me. In my position, I can encourage and give ideas to chairs so they can enact new and better programs and events, which will improve the sisterhood. So, now I can help build up the chapter that has spent so much time building me up!" Samson Frendo, Delta Zeta, Ohio Northern University   2. "I love being able to build on the past and create new traditions for the future especially for the sorority that introduced me to my best friends." Samantha Soloway, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Vanderbilt University   3. "From a president’s standpoint, there is no better feeling than watching all your hard work directly impact the chapter for the better. Sometimes it seems like nothing is getting fixed or getting done, but everything you do is so worth it when you watch your chapter grow as a whole and succeed!" Hannah Beiersdorf, Alpha Chi Omega, University of Colorado  

Gaining a Unique Perspective

4. "The best thing is the unique perspective that you gain in watching individual members contribute to the overall growth of the chapter. I feel that natural leadership and leading by example are two things I have grown to really appreciate in our chapter." Betsy Sabala, Delta Gamma, Boulder   5. "Representing a group of women that you respect and admire, and learning more about the meaning behind traditions and rituals." Caroline Greco, Alpha Phi, Franklin and Marshall College   6. "You are really proud on the days when your sorority achieves something larger on campus, like beating their fundraising goal from last year for a charity or winning Greek Games or even when a sister lands an internship. The thing presidents need to realize is that it's not just them running this organization and it should never be that way. You should have 100+ girls behind you, supporting your organization, through values of sisterhood and service!" Kylie Billings, Alpha Sigma Tau, New York University  

Seeing the Growth of Sisters

7. "I think one of the most gratifying things about being president is seeing the growth of each sister throughout her time in the chapter. Every sister has potential and when they feel comfortable and confident, they shine and thrive!" Lindsey Blenden, Alpha Epsilon Phi, UC Irvine   8. "The best part of being president is seeing every single one of your girls move mountains they didn't think they could, bloom into the beautiful flowers that they are, and [then] assisting them in overcoming adversity." Nyomi Thompson, Delta Gamma, Ohio State University   9. "It [has] allowed me to develop relationships with girls I otherwise wouldn't have been able to foster. Some of these friendships have developed into some of my best friends which made every hard moment of being president worth it." Brianna Coyne, Alpha Phi, University of Colorado Boulder   10. "Alpha Xi Delta's tagline is 'Realize your Potential', and my favorite part of being President of the Epsilon Rho Chapter is watching my sisters realize theirs." Kim Mills, Alpha Xi Delta, University of Southern Maine  

Being a Confidante

  11."It is such an honor to have younger chapter members reach out to you for advice and guidance. As an older sister and leader, I can help younger members and potentially enhance their college experience." Natalie Liller, Appalachian State University, Sigma Kappa   12. "I take so much pride in the accomplishments of every member, and to see them succeed is by far the best part of my position. As I watch our women take on new leadership roles and gain self confidence, I know that Theta has impacted their individual experience. I feel as though I have been able to influence their life in even a small way." Kayla N Dimicco, Kappa Alpha Theta, University of Puget Sound   13. "[Number 1 is] being able to inspire members to step outside of their comfort zone and watch them accomplish their goals. [Number two is] living in our chapter house and getting to have sleepovers every night with my favorite girls." Raquel Fricker, Alpha Phi, Kent State University   14. "I never thought I could be so proud. My sisters support me through everything and are the reason I ever thought I could be President in the first place. The experience I have had through being President has made me love my sorority in a way I never thought I could." Sara Joyce, Alpha Delta Pi, University of North Carolina Wilmington  

Growing as a Leader

15. "For me the best part of being sorority president is learning how to balance likability and liability as a leader. You have to learn how to delegate, manage your time, and make difficult decisions [for] the well-being of your chapter, and [develop] effective ways to be transparent and communicative. These are great skills to carry with you in a professional setting." Julia Sokolowski, Alpha Phi, Boston University   16. "So the best thing about being a chapter president hands down has been the leadership opportunities. I can communicate more effectively not only within my chapter, but with other members of our community. Even better yet, these communication skills are transferable to my workplace. I can explain any decisions I make clearly to others allowing them to see things from my perspective. I've also found that I can calmly think through any stressful situation, which isn't something I could easily do before. I'm definitely an introvert, which might be unusual for a chapter president. Being president, I feel comfortable approaching just about anyone to talk, which isn't something I could say before." Katlyn, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Drexel University  

...And Growing as an Individual

  17. "I have grown as an individual while being able to learn my weakness and strengths as a leader. I also have been able to be the change I want to see in my chapter and that has been the most rewarding part of this journey." Antonia M. Douglas, Delta Zeta, Randolph-Macon College   18. "[I] absolutely love being a champion for my sisters. I can be whatever they need me to be, whenever. This is important because it creates a stronger bond and I would definitely become president again for this reason." Lilly Price, Delta Gamma, Oregon State University   19. "By far, the best thing about being the president of Alpha Xi Delta is that it has changed me immensely as a person. I understand the power of influence on a much larger scale based on considering other women's ideas, and it has ultimately taught me how to be my own girl boss!" Taylor Montminy, Alpha Xi Delta, University of Rhode Island      

Working with Other Great Leaders

20. "The most enjoyable part of my experience being president has been meeting like-minded people. Whether that's alumnae, other sorority presidents, or different leaders on campus, we all have similar personality traits and ambitions. This makes it easy to work together and learn from one another." Laura Gavula, Delta Gamma, University of Oklahoma   21. "Being the President of my sorority at WPI has simultaneously been the most challenging and rewarding experience I have ever taken on. My favorite part has been working with other officers and sisters to help bring their incredible ideas to fruition. I see my role as really being a servant to the rest of chapter. I want to be able to provide the necessary resources and encouragement to help sisters feel like they can make our chapter flourish. The growth and progress of our chapter is truly brought about by each individual." Rachel Santarsiero, Alpha Xi Delta, Worchester Polytechnic Institute   22. "Being President is so easy when you have an amazing Executive Board behind you. My sisters are passionate about their positions and truly work so hard to accomplish their goals." Amy Pennington, Phi Mu, University of Louisiana at Lafayette   23. "The Greek community is filled with young adults eager to better themselves and create a network of driven people. I find it so rewarding to have such an influence on people who are making an effort within and outside of Greek life to make an impact." Kennedy Harris, Delta Gamma, University of Oregon   24. "It has been such a pleasure to get to know the women on my executive board really well and to have them by my side throughout the craziness. Getting to see them learn and grow in their positions as we all work together to grow our chapter is so rewarding. It’s truly a bond that you just can’t get anywhere else!" Kristen McCauley, Delta Gamma, Saint Louis University     Being president has been such a rewarding experience for these ladies. We hope you enjoyed hearing their stories! Make sure to share this on Facebook!
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