5 Amazing Sorority Recruitment Videos You Need to Watch [Updated 2018]

I don't know about you, but I love seeing the unique sorority recruitment videos that each chapter puts out each year. These videos let you get a peek inside the sorority and highlights the great elements of joining a sisterhood. Some of our favorite videos have been different than all of the rest, with beautiful videography or cute quirks. We picked some of our favorites from this year - These are the videos that these chapters are using to recruit girls in 2017. Watch for yourselves and then vote below!  

University of Kentucky Alpha Phi



  The whole premise of this vid is "I ______ in my Alpha Phi letters." I love that concept, and it makes it different than most of the recruitment videos we see. Also, the production quality of this video is insane. Props to you, Kentucky Alpha Phi, for an amazing recruitment vid!  

University of Arizona Alpha Phi



  These Alpha Phi girls showcase the fun, breezy side of college life. Not only is their house stunning, but this vid makes me want to go hang out with all of these sisters! It features sisters' talents and organizations they're a part of as well. If I had to describe this video in one word, it would be sisterhood. Watch for yourself above!  

CU Boulder Delta Gamma



  This is such a cute video. It really shows off the girls' personalities and gets away from the stiff, staged recruitment videos that we see so often! This video is a breath of fresh air and shows real girls making the most of their times in college. It looks like a compilation of the sisters' Snapchats, video camera footage, and some GoPro footage as well. It adds an element of personality; that the girls filmed everything themselves!  

Kappa Delta Kennesaw State



Kappa Delta Recruitment Video 2017 - Eta Omega from Alex Smith on Vimeo.   This vid comes complete with stunning videography and an epic dance number. We love the hues of this video too; the whole vid has a blue-ish tone. This is a longer video with a more serious tone at the beginning, and then finishes with a bang. I highly recommend watching the entire video!  

Alabama ZTA


  I absolutely love the beginning of the video, with the polaroids. It makes me reminisce on my time in college, and my sorority sisters! I also love the way this production team filmed it. It's very unique.   Vote for your favorite here:     Would you guys like to see more of the top recruitment videos? Let us know in the comments!
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