Sorority Rush Tips: Do's and Don'ts You Should Know

Every year, students participate in rush week, presenting themselves in the best way they can in an attempt to gain a spot in one of the 123 fraternities and sororities that dot the U.S.

If you're one of these promising students and you're not sure what you should do during rush week, here's some sorority rush tips that are sure to get you into the sorority of your choice.

Sorority Rush Tips

A simple do's and don'ts list will give you everything you need to know about sorority recruitment week.

Do Your Research

This is college after all, and what better way to start than to the research your sorority of choice. The more you know about their organization, the more impressed they'll be by your knowledge and willingness to learn.

The National Panhellenic Conference also has resources for potential new members (PNM) to give them an idea of what expect and to instill organizational values before you start your journey.

Do Be Genuine and Honest

Everyone has an appreciation for someone who acts like themselves. Recruiters are no different.

So, be sure and answer their questions as genuinely and honestly as possible. Be yourself, because more often than not, people can see through fakeness.

Do Bring a Change of Shoes

I know you spent time thinking about what you would wear, but chances are, you're doing a lot of walking, and your feet are going to get tired and sore very quickly.

Bringing a pair of cute flip-flops or sandals that fit in your bag isn't a bad idea. You can switch back and forth between the two shoes, and you'll be comfortable while you walk.

Don't Worry Too Much About Outfits

While it's fun to think about the perfect outfit, the real reason for being there isn't to stress about it. You're there to create memories and make a good impression.

That means having a great outfit is okay, but it isn't your main focus. Keeping it appropriate to the rush week event is critical.

Don't Stress Too Much

Do you already know which sorority you want to pledge? That's great!

But be careful not to stress too much over not being chosen, and try not to be offended if they don't bid on you. Remember, the sisters probably know what they're own organization is looking for or how much room they have.

Don't Talk About Parties

Parties are great, but there's a time and place for them and rush week isn't it.

When speaking with sorority recruiters or mingling with fellow PNM's, be sure and keep your subjects professional. They want to know you can be mature and match their values.

More Tips for Rushing a Sorority

Rush week can be stressful and magical all at once, so enjoy it and have fun. Make new friends and make a difference.

If this list of sorority rush tips was helpful, here is a guide to sorority terms you need to know or take a look out at our Shop Greek U section for clothing and accessories.

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