The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Sorority Rush

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Sorority Rush

When you rush a sorority, there are many nuances that you're going to have to be aware of. It is never a good idea to rest on your laurels and assume that you're automatically going to get a bid or offer of membership. On the flip side, as a current member of a sorority, you'll have to be vigilant and smart about choosing the right candidates who will help your chapter thrive in the future. Check out this ultimate cheat sheet for sorority rush so that you'll be prepared this spring or fall semester.

Cheat Sheet for Interested Members

The process of joining a sorority can be both nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. Sorority bonds can last for decades, so you want to make the right choice. These are a few things to keep in mind if you're interested in joining a sorority this semester, and you plan to participate in rush activities.

Attend as Many Rush Events as You Can

If you really want a bid from a particular sorority, you should make every effort to attend all the events the sorority hosts. It shows that you're committed and reliable.

Know Before You Go

Know the details about a sorority before you attend rush events and activities. Members want to know that you have a serious interest that has inspired you to want to learn about the history, principles and goals of the organization. Do your research ahead of time.

Be Yourself

This is true for pretty much everything in life, but when you present yourself, just be yourself. Do not try to be something that you aren't, because people can see through that. It's also important to be who you truly are to make sure that you're joining a group of women who will appreciate who you are. These are women you'll hopefully bond with - not just in college, but in the years after.

Get Your Grades up

In most sororities, scholarship is a major tenet. They want to make sure that they are bringing in girls who are smart, industrious and hard working. So if you want to do well during sorority rush, make sure that you are getting decent grades. If your grades aren't where they should be, you might consider taking a year to work on that and seeking sorority life later in your college career.

Cheat Sheet for Those Conducting Recruitment

By now, you've probably already had plenty of experience with what is involved with being a big sister and overseeing recruitment activities as a member of your sorority. Here are a few things to think about that can help make the process of choosing new members easier and more effective.

Tell Them What You're all About

Always be prepared with a 15- to 30-second spiel about your sorority in case someone asks you about it. Some call it an “elevator pitch.” Once you tell the person what you and your organization are all about, they will know what they are getting into. That way, no one is wasting any time expecting something other than what your sorority delivers.

Be Warm and Inviting

Remember that potential new members are just trying to fit in and find their way, just like you were when you first joined your sorority. Keep kindness in mind when dealing with interests, even if you don't think a potential new member is a good fit.

Understand That Potential Members Make Mistakes

Try to remember what things were like when you were an interest wanting to join your sorority. You probably didn't always make the right choices, do the right thing or say the right thing. So be understanding when interests will make mistakes or missteps. These don't necessarily mean that they won't make great sorority sisters.

Read Between the Lines to Find Hard Workers

The last thing you want in terms of bringing in new sisters is someone who will not pick up the slack in terms of sorority business. You can learn the difference between potential slackers and hard workers by simply listening to what they say and reading between the lines.

Get Geared up

It's a good idea to stock up on new sorority paraphernalia before recruitment time. When interests see you wearing your sorority letters around campus and at parties, they may be more inclined to get to know you and your sisters. Also, remember to stock up on lettered signs, party favors and gifts for sorority rush.

The best advice for everyone during recruitment, whether you're an interest or a current chapter sister, is to relax and try to have some fun. This is an exciting part of the college experience that you probably won't ever forget.

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