7 Awkward Conversations That Inevitably Happen During Sorority Recruitment

7 Awkward Conversations that Inevitably Happen During Sorority Recruitment

At sorority recruitment events, it's customary for sorority sisters to ask potential new members questions to qualify them for the bid process. Sometimes one on one conversations at these events can get a bit… awkward for one reason or another. Here are seven awkward questions and conversations that will inevitably (or at least most likely) happen during sorority recruitment.


  1. So, Who Are You Dating on Campus?

One of the most awkward conversations that will likely come up at some point during sorority recruitment is “so, who are you dating?” There’s always a chance that the interest is currently dating or has dated someone who an active sorority sister has dated. Sometimes it’s best to keep your dating history as private as possible!


  1. Why This Sorority Over All the Others?

This question can be uncomfortable for a potential new member if she hasn’t thoroughly thought the answer through. Sometimes, PNMs go around to different houses not sure which one they really want to join, and in some cases, they just want to join any group that will take them. So, when presented with this question an interest might find herself at a loss for words. This is why it’s always a good idea to research the basic history and principles of each sorority in advance of attending recruitment events.


  1. Who Do You Know Who's a Member (of Any Greek Organization on Campus)?

This question may seem innocent enough, but it can be tricky. A potential recruit probably won’t know if the sister she's chatting with at a recruitment event isn’t a fan of the other person she’s cool with. We'd like to think that everyone gets along in sororities and in the overall Greek community, but sometimes there are personal rivalries.


  1. What Do You Plan to Do If You Become a Member?

In their minds, most young freshwomen are thinking that they are going to join a sorority so that they can party, wear Greek paraphernalia, and have a good time. But as many members of sororities and fraternities often say, the real "pledging" begins when you join. There is a lot of work to be done when you’re in a sorority, from planning forums, to attending state or national meetings, to organizing the next semester's recruitment activities. So as a potential new member, if you tell a big sister that you plan to join so that you can have a good time, that conversation can get very awkward and uncomfortable very quickly.


  1. What Community Service Initiatives Are You a Part Of?

If you’re a potential new member and you've never done community service before, you may find yourself in an awkward conversation if you're asked this question. The best thing to do is just tell the truth and say that you are looking forward to helping more in your community. Joining a sorority will motivate you to help others more.


  1. Are You Going to Be Able to Meet the GPA Requirement?

The first semester on campus is somewhat of a blur for many young students. For many freshwomen, it's their first chance to have some independence, party, and have fun on their own terms, so it's common for them to slack off a bit in their studies.


Unfortunately, that does not bode well when a new student is planning to join the sorority recruitment process. Sorority members are obligated to ensure that their potential new members meet certain GPA requirements, so they must ask about grades at some point. 


  1. Social Media Photos

Sororities and fraternities have moral obligations and images to uphold, and they are required to ensure that their members meet certain social and character requirements for membership. One potentially awkward conversation will come if a potential new member has a questionable photo posted on social media. While it may not be a deal-breaker, the PNM may be inspired to take down photos that don't represent the ideals and principles of the sorority.


Think about these seven awkward conversations that will inevitably come up at sorority recruitment events in advance so that you’ll be prepared, whether you’re a sister or someone who’s interested in joining. Keep in mind that having a difficult or embarrassing conversation at a sorority meet ‘n greet isn’t necessarily the end of the road when it comes to the recruitment process—it happens a lot!


If you’re hosting a recruitment event for your chapter, remember to get party favors and sorority gifts for your attendees, as well as Greek lettered buttons to wear so that potential new members will know who to chat with.

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