Makeup And Hairstyles For Rush

Makeup and Hairstyles for Rush

Rush is an exciting and singular time of year when you and your beloved chapter sisters finally get to cut up a bit. You also have a chance to come up with creative ways to attract the best new freshman recruits at your college or university. As you know, how you present yourself to young potentials is key, so you absolutely must look your best with up-to-date hairstyles and makeup. If you’re looking for new makeup and hairstyle inspirations for rush season, start with these ideas and then let your imagination go wild.

The Lagertha Look

Who hasn't tried to copy the bold hairstyle of Queen Lagertha from Vikings? Well, rush is a perfect excuse for you and your girls to get together and try something daring. The key to achieving Lagertha’s hairstyle is to loop a few loose braids together on the sides of your head (no need for perfection), pin them, and then fluff liberally along the crown of your hair with a teaser comb. Be sure to comb the hair in front upward and add a single, long rope braid to complete the style. Once you get it down pat, you'll probably want to wear this hair everywhere you go on campus. A smoky dark eye and flirty lashes is all you need to seal the deal on this look for rush.

Natural (I Woke Up Like This)

There's nothing quite as attractive as a woman who's confident enough to rock a natural look. Natural requires very little color and flair, but it is still very chic and attractive. Natural-looking makeup is easy to achieve with a few simple tools: a flattering powder foundation (preferably with a bronze tint), your favorite mascara, an eye shadow that matches your undertone (check the inside of your wrist) and an eyebrow shaper or eyebrow wax kit to create the perfect arched brow. Pair this look with a straight, sleek, flat-ironed hairstyle, and add delightful curls bobbing at the ends. 

Also, on rush days when you’re just not in the mood for an hour or more bumping or blowing out your hair, a fun Greek lettered sorority hat paired with hoop earrings will do just fine with your natural makeup.

Yes, You’re a Greek Goddess

If you're going to spend hours washing, conditioning, blow drying, and curling your hair to perfection, why not spend an extra minute adding the perfect finishing touch? A back hair crown or gold leaf hair piece will give you the look of a proper Greek Goddess. You’ll also find an assortment of attractive silver and gold adornments that you can use in your hair in the sorority jewelry section at .

Bold and Beautiful

Why do most potentials want to become members of your sorority? Because they look up to you as a bold, beautiful, confident woman who they aspire to be like. When you go to your upcoming rush and recruitment events, there's no need to overdo things, but you can do simple things with your makeup and hair that will let them know you are a force to be reckoned with. Create a perfectly winged eye in a shade that reflects one or both of your sorority's colors. Braids and twist outs are always a gorgeous choice, framing your face while giving you a modern, bohemian look.

Whatever hairstyle or makeup you choose for rush events, there’s something at Greek Gear that will help kick your look up to the next level. Browse the site’s selection of new sorority items and order a mixed box of goodies for you and your chapter sisters to choose from this semester.

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