The Ultimate Healthy Grocery List For The College Student

The Ultimate Healthy Grocery List for the College Student

It isn't easy to shop for food when you are in college. You want to get only what you need to last you through the week, and you may have limited space in a small or shared dorm fridge, but you also want to get the right foods to maintain your good health and wellness.

Going to class every day and navigating sorority and fraternity life can be stressing on your body and mind. Having the right nutrition is key. Here is the ultimate healthy grocery list for the college student.


They say that avocados provide a healthy form of fat and are also loaded with potassium. They are also very delicious when you add a little salt, onions, and other simple ingredients. You can have them with an egg in the morning (microwaved), or top them on a piece of toasted bread for a quick snack before class.


The health benefits of tomatoes include vitamin C, vitamin A, and an array of other nutrients. Just keep a few in your fridge to snack on with some salad dressing every now and again.


Not only are cucumbers refreshing and wonderful on a warm summer day, they are also a great form of hydration as well as nutrients. Again, keep a couple in your fridge to snack on when you’re going over your latest assignments and need a little boost.

 Green or Black Tea

One thing you should always have in your dorm is a good supply of tea. Two good choices are green tea or black tea. Green tea might be able to increase brain function and improve your health in general. Black tea will provide you with a little caffeine when you are trying to stay up late to finish a paper.

Strawberries, Cherries, Blueberries

Most fruits provide good nutrition, but these three fruits are especially good for many reasons. For one, you can freeze them and make them into smoothies in the morning that you can take to class. They are also perfect for snacking on and much better than eating unhealthy snacks during the day.

Low Sodium Broth

There are days when you may not feel like eating much, but you still want to get some level of nutrition. In this case, you might want to get a low-sodium broth to keep in your refrigerator and sip on every now and again.

Olive Oil

One of the healthiest oils you can cook with is extra virgin olive oil. It can also help improve brain function, as well as memory. It can also help make you feel stronger physically over time.


Though some people can't really eat too many potatoes because of the starch, they are also very high in potassium. We are supposed to get up to 4700 mg of potassium each day though that is mostly unachievable for most. Instead of eating potato chips or fries, consider buying some golden potatoes and either baking them with a little butter and salt, or boiling them then topping them with some veggies.


Spinach is considered a superfood. It has countless nutritious elements, including iron, calcium, vitamin C, and vitamin A. Just keep a frozen bag in your freezer to quickly add to dishes, or to heat up with garlic and olive oil.

Lots of Good Quality Water

It is important to purchase lots of good water to keep in your dorm so that you can stay hydrated each day. Keep it frozen and cold.

You’ll need plenty of energy for the upcoming sorority or fraternity recruitment season. If you've been looking to shop better and get healthier ingredients for your dorm room or kitchen as a college student, this is a good start. As time goes on you will learn even more about the best foods to have on hand.

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