Aluminum Bottles

Plastic waste has a big impact on the environment. Do your part to minimize plastic waste on your campus by switching from one-time use plastic bottles to aluminum bottles from Greek U. Our reusable drinkware is not only eco-friendly, it's also budget-friendly. Reusable bottles are less expensive over the long-term than disposable plastic bottles, plus they come with your fraternity or sorority's Greek letters or crest on the front. Stay hydrated while you advertise for your favorite sorority or fraternity with an aluminum bottle from Greek U.

Aluminum bottles are better for the environment and better for your wallet. Refill and reuse the bottles again and again, whether you're crossing campus or hitting the gym. The bottles even have secure caps, so they travel well and spills aren't an issue. Choose the bottle that corresponds to your sorority or fraternity and sip in style when you shop at Greek U. Order a single bottle for yourself or pick up a dozen to share with your entire fraternity or sorority.