Kappa Sigma Big & Little

We know how important your big and little are to you, so we've created some great Kappa Sigma big little shirts and other big little bro gifts for you. Greek U offers additional big little gifts such as Kappa Sigma shirts, sweatshirts, plus many more! Go ahead and customize all of your Kappa Sigma gift ideas through individual orders or group orders.

Kappa Sigma Big Bro & Little Bro Gifts

Kappa Sigma Big & Little Bro  reveal is one of the most exciting days of the year (except of course when you become a brother)! We know how important this special day is, so we have found the best Kappa Sigma little bro gifts for you.  On top of how much big little crafting you'll do for your little, you need to find her some amazing gifts as well! Browse a huge assortment of little bro shirts ... and if you are the lucky new Kappa Sigma brother with the new big bro, then we have some ideas to get him too! Some of the clothing is specific to your big, but you can also shop other gifts that are popular for your brothers. One of the most traditional gifts for a big bro, is a traditional Kappa Sigma paddle.  Some of our most popular big little gifts are our Kappa Sigma big little shirts. We have exclusive designs just for you and your big or little.  We are constantly adding big little shirt designs!  Our big little store is stocked full of designs tailored toward you and your soon-to-be partner in crime. Get big little week ready and shower your little with the greatest Kappa Sigma gifts. Greek U just added beautiful embroidered items, along with your favorite shirt and sweatshirt letter items!