Sigma Alpha Epsilon Clothing

Owning high-quality clothing certainly isn't the only great thing about being a Sigma Alpha Epsilon - but it sure does feel good when you wear it. SAE apparel from Greek U is made to the same standards that members of this historic fraternity hold themselves to. Our shirt selection alone includes nearly two dozen options for different occasions. Order a Sigma Alpha Epsilon lettered T-shirt for Rush Week, a flux polo for community service or a classic Oxford dress shirt for alumni dinners. We also have long-sleeve wicking tees, jerseys and tank tops so you roar like a lion during a good workout.
Many fraternities don't put much thought into lettered outerwear, which means you have a golden opportunity to get an edge during spring semester recruitment. Sigma Alpha Epsilon sweatshirts and hoodies are the go-to for comfort, warmth and affordability. If you want to prepare for any weather, consider a Sigma Alpha Epsilon quarter zip pullover, twill jacket or raincoat. We can help you look and feel good whether you're on spring break or in the dorm studying. Send an email and ask about custom SAE clothing or check out other Sigma Alpha Epsilon merchandise so you can make your letters part of all your daily activities.