Sigma Delta Tau Clothing

Owning high-quality Sigma Delta Tau clothing is one of the easiest, most effective ways to show others how much the sorority means to you. Greek U understands this, and it's why we offer the largest and most diverse selection of custom Greek apparel. We have SDT letter shirts, graphic tees, embroidered hats and other garments that are as beautiful and strong as the bond you share with your sisters. In many cases, we can add the Sigma Delta Tau crest or a patch of your chapter's own symbol. But we keep prices low on this personalized clothing so you won't spend your entire social budget on them.
Our irresistibly cute Sigma Delta Tau shirts are the best recruitment tool your chapter can own. Wearing these T-shirts, tank tops, long sleeves and jerseys are sure to grab attention on campus. Greek U has a large assortment of Sigma Delta Tau outerwear along with pants, shorts and baseball caps so you can wear your letters anytime. Not only is this apparel excellent for chapter functions - especially with our bulk pricing - but it is a great gift for Sigma Delta Tau alumni who still feel a deep connection to The Torch. It's all here for you to browse today!