Alpha Delta Pi Paddles & Plaques

Looking for Alpha Delta Pi plaques? You've come to the right place. Here at Greek U, we have a wide selection of ADPi plaques that can be customized according to your style and preferences.  Add your initials, carve something special into the wood, or slap some Greek letters up there for a prideful display of your love for your sorority - Greek U makes it easy and fun! Grab your Greek plaque today!

Alpha Delta Pi PlaquesFor Sale

Here at Greek U, we're proud to announce that you’ll find a wide variety of custom Alpha Delta Pi plaques to showcase your sorority pride. Whether you're a new ADPi girl or a graduating member, our plaquesare the perfect way to take the memory with you and to showcase your ADPi pride to everyone who walks in the door. Choose from classic wooden Alpha Delta Pi plaques, like our traditional Greek Alpha Delta Pi plaque, or customize a plaqueto your liking with Greek letters, custom ideas, a meaningful motto or slogan, and more!   Here at Greek U, we know that your Alpha Delta Pi plaqueis important to you and that having it match your style is critical.  That's why we make it so easy to customize all our ADPi plaques. Shop the online selection to find one you love now, and then customize it according to your style and preference. If you don't see plaques in this section, it likely just means they're not available for your sorority. 

ADPi Plaque Ideas

Looking for cute ways to give our Alpha Delta Pi plaques? There are dozens of fantastic options. If you have new girls entering the sorority, one of the best ways to celebrate the occasion is to provide them with an Alpha Delta Pi plaque. Make it custom by adding their name, a special design, or something else. You can also give plaques to graduating seniors, alumni members who want to remember their time in the sorority or anyone else who would appreciate one. Our plaques are special keepsakes, and our goal is to ensure that every girl who wants an ADPi plaque can get one. Grab one for a friend or family member or for yourself! These adorable styles are here but they won't last long, so shop now! Another cute way to give an Alpha Delta Pi plaque is to surprise a friend with a custom variety. We offer beautiful wooden plaques crafted from the highest-quality materials. We'll also help you come up with design ideas if you'd like, and ensure the plaques you're purchasing are the ones that suit your needs perfectly. 

Get an Alpha Delta Pi Plaque Today

Few things are as meaningful or as traditional and Greek as an Alpha Delta Pi plaque. If you've been looking for a special one to give a friend or relative, look no further. Greek U has a wide selection to choose from and can help you select one that suits your needs perfectly. If you have any questions about our selection, don't hesitate to reach out. Our support staff is here to make purchasing easy, and we promise always to go the extra mile to ensure you get exactly what you need from our online selection. What are you waiting for? Shop today to find the plaque you'll love!