Delta Zeta Paddles & Plaques

Fraternity and sorority plaques are part of a long-standing tradition in Greek life and are used to commemorate the initiation of a new member. They are also traditionally given as a gift to big sisters in sororities. Follow Greek tradition and give your sorority sister a traditional and heartfelt gift by customizing your own Delta Zeta plaque from Greek U.

These commemorative Delta Zeta plaques can also be customized to honor your whole pledge class. Use it to decorate the walls of your shared sorority house. You can also have a special plaque made as a graduation gift for one of your graduating sorority sisters.

Our custom Delta Zeta plaques are available in two different shapes. Choose from a classic rectangular shape or a Delta Zeta lamp plaque. Each one can be personalized to your liking with the use of our online design tool. Add custom text to make the message personal and choose from a variety of different wood finishes. Use the included "To" and "From" sections to address the plaque and don't forget to add the Delta Zeta crest, chapter name and sorority name. Be sure to call our customer service team if you need design ideas or help with the customization options. You can also find different types of sorority gifts in our selection of Delta Zeta merchandise.

Delta Zeta Plaques For Sale at Greek U

Here you’ll find a wide variety of custom Delta Zeta plaques so that you can make the perfect initiation gift or present for your big or little sis. Choose from classic wooden Delta Zeta plaques like our traditional greek Delta Zeta plaque for yourself or customize a plaque for your pledge class with the large Greek Delta Zeta pledge class plaque. All our Delta Zeta plaques and plaques are made to order which means that once you find your ideal plaque, you can personalize the wood finish and text to match your needs. If plaques are not shown in this section, it means that it is not available for your organization. Need help customizing your items? Shop with us today to get started, or call our team for assistance. 

Delta Zeta Plaque Ideas

Many new members want unique plaques that have designs you can customize. Many people ask what are Dee Zee plaques for? What is the meaning of this long-standing tradition? Plaques are used to commemorate the joining of a new member and are traditionally given to the big sis in Delta Zeta. Most plaques are wooden and for sale in our online store. Unlike many other stores that sell Delta Zeta plaques, we allow you to customize ours, fully and to your liking. To get started, just shop our standard selection to find a base model you like. Once you do, work in our online store to customize the plaque accordingly, or give our team a call for additional design ideas and customization options.  Don't forget that all our Delta Zeta plaques can be customed with a personalized "To and From" section. Included is the crest of your sorority (when available), as well as your chapter name, sorority name, and Delta Zeta letters. 

Get Your Delta Zeta Plaques From Greek U

Here at Greek U, we specialize in offering Delta Zeta plaques for Greek girls from all backgrounds and walks of life. Shop with us to find a wide selection of custom wooden Dee Zee plaques , and the customized Greek elements you need to make them your own. While you can get a lot of work done by shopping around in our online store and checking out your designs in our custom live preview feature, we're also happy to provide hands-on help when you need it. Give us a call today to learn more about our online selection, find the adorable design ideas you crave, and place a bulk order for yourself or your girls. The perfect gift for every special occasion, our adorable Delta Zeta plaques are ideal as a special gift, graduation present, or welcome gift to a big or little sis. So - what are you waiting for? Shop our online selection today, find something you like, and get to work customizing it in our online shop. We're always here to answer any questions you might have - so contact us today!