Delta Kappa Epsilon Shirts

Delta Kappa Epsilon - Browse through our large assortment of frat shirts to find the perfect DEKE t shirt. We have a variety of the most popular frat tank tops, v-necks, short sleeve t-shirts, and long sleeve shirts. Our fraternity shirts section freatures high quality fraternity tank tops and shirts with pockets. Shop Now!

Delta Kappa EpsilonShirts

Greek U specializes in a variety of frat shirts for every fraternity event. There are many different fraternity t shirts, frat tank tops, v-necks, and long sleeve shirts to choose from and we are proud to bring you a large selection of shirt styles and fraternity letter shirt colors to pick from when making your selection. Every single piece of our fraternity apparel collection can be personalized just for you.

Choose from different fabric colors and outline colors to make your frat letters uniquely yours! Our custom preview feature makes sure each fraternity member gets exactly what they want!

Delta Kappa Epsilon Tank Tops

Getting you first set of Delta Kappa Epsilon letters is a right of passage, but you won't feel complete unless you include the standard fratty tank top to add to your collection of fraternity pocket shirts and lettered fraternity sweatshirts. We offer high quality fraternity tank tops, not cheap tanks that you may find on other sites. Make sure to pay attention to the sizing recommendation. Since you can make your letters online with our custom design tool, you will want to make suer that you order the best size.

You may start your search on pinterest or etsy, but those sites do not have the customized design tool to create the perfect fraternity letters that you will have throughout college. The block stitched letters come in many different fabric colors. You may want to get a few different tees because you will want to wear your customized t-shirts all of the time.

When you first join a fraternity, getting a fraternity shirt with your letters is an exciting milestone. Most of the time your big brother in the fraternity will buy you your first set of letters. In return, it is common to buy your big bro a greek paddle. This is a tradition that still lives on today.