Phi Kappa Sigma Shirts

Phi Kappa Sigma is a fraternity founded on the University of Pennsylvania campus in 1850. The fraternity boasts over 169 years of traditional along with 42 active chapters throughout the United States. For Phi Kappa Sigma brothers, wearing the fraternity’s letters is a matter of pride. Fortunately, Greek U makes it easy with a selection of Phi Kappa Sigma shirts and tank tops to choose from in a variety of styles and fits. Our tees and tanks are perfect for everyday wear and are a great addition to any college man’s wardrobe. Phi Kappa Sigma shirts and tank tops from Greek U are made using the fraternity’s Greek letters, official colors, crest and other identifying features. The shirts and tanks are affordable, fun to wear and perfect for group events. They can also be worn to class, across campus or at home on break.
Greek U specializes in a variety of Phi Kappa Sigma shirts for every Greek event. There are many different t shirts, tank tops, v-necks, and long sleeve shirts to choose from and we are proud to bring you a large selection of shirt sizes and letter shirt colors to pick from when making your selection.  Choose from different fabric colors and outline colors to make your letters uniquely yours! Our custom preview feature makes sure each Phi Kappa Sigma gets exactly what they want! Browse now!