Sigma Phi Epsilon Shorts & Pants

Custom Sigma Phi Epsilon Pajama Pants

Greek offers the newest, most popular, and highest quality Sigma Phi Epsilon shorts and Sigma Phi Epsilon sweatpants at very affordable prices. Browse through a large selection of bottoms including custom sewn-on letter sweatpants, pajama pants, boxer shorts, and big little pajamas to find exactly what you’re looking for. Match with a comfy Sigma Phi Epsilon t-shirt or a Sigma Phi Epsilon jacket to lounge about in style! You'll be extremly comfortable wearing your Sigma Phi Epsilon pajamas with your sorority letters.

Personalize Sigma Phi Epsilon Sweatpants

Greek U offers the best online design tool to customize your Sigma Phi Epsilon sweatpants. The custom pants are made to order with your greek letters, which you can choose from a huge selection of fabrics. Keep in mind that most sweatpants are unisex, so it will be like borrowing your boyfriends sweatpants. They will be comfy and oversizes so you can lounge around on the couch, or even wear them to class! 

Design Sigma Phi Epsilon Shorts

We also have a selection of shorts. Right now, the Sigma Phi Epsilon shorts are popular. They aren't booty shorts, but they are great for lounging around. Our Sigma Phi Epsilon boxers are extremely comfortable. You will love them. You can browse our site and find the customized lounge pants with Sigma Phi Epsilon letters on it.