Stickers & Decals

Stickers & Decals Stickers are trending! You won't realize just how valuable having a stack of Stickers & Decals stickers and decals is until they're sitting right in front of you. We offer stickers and decals for Stickers & Decals members of alumni and undergraduate chapters that you can place on your car, books, laptops and other personal items. See what we have in stock.
Every college student has at least one notebook or portfolio used for classes and meetings. The 2" Stickers & Decals Letter Window Sticker is designed to be placed on the outside of your car's glass window, but they can also be featured on your personal belongings. It's an easy way to display your letters everywhere you go on campus.

Woodstock is a thing from the past that will always be memorable for all. The PEACE sticker, which is designed for your Greek group, is reminiscent of those amazing times. Stick them all over your laptops and phone covers. The Bow Decal will make anything look like a special gift.

This is the page to browse if you have been looking for cheap and affordable Stickers & Decals stickers and decals for someone you care about. Buying sorority and fraternity gear doesn't have to be expensive, and you can get creative. Let the GreekU team know if you need some help placing a bulk order of stickers and decals for your chapter.