Chi Omega Totes & Bags

Introducing the latest Chi Omega tote bags! Ideal for school, work, play, the gym, or anything else you do in your busy Chi Omega life, our custom Chi Omega tote bags will help you get from place to place in style. Browse our huge collection of totes including Chi Omega zip up, two-tone, sewn-on letter, screen printed and digitally printed. tote bags. Once you find the perfect bag, you can design and order online!

Chi Omega Tote Bags for Every Sister

Here at Greek U, we know that the quality of your Chi Omega tote bags matters, which is why we go the extra mile to ensure everything we sell you is top-tier. Our custom, zippered canvas bags are made from the finest materials on the market and are designed to last, whether you use them for style or for work. Greek U is proud to offer the highest quality Chi Omega tote bags in the sorority market! We also have one of the largest inventories on the market, so you're always guaranteed to find something you love. With over 200 bag designs to choose from, we make it easy for you to find the perfect tote bag for your Chi Omega chapter. Our variety can’t be beaten! Each bag design can be easily customized by changing the bag color, design colors, and even the text. For a simpler look, check out our Chi O bags with sewn on letters, which are also easily customizable to suit your needs.

Design the Perfect Chi Omega Tote Bag for You

Your style has always broken the mold and now is no exception. Let your colors shine by creating your own embroidered Greek letter tote. Whether you want to alter the color, change the design, or simply have it monogrammed with your initials, we offer easy options designed to help you do just that. Here at Greek U, we know that wearing your Chi Omega pride in your way is critically important, and we work hard to help make it as easy as possible. By making all our totes fully customizable, we help you showcase your unique style without sacrificing quality or choice. That's just how we do business here at Greek U!

Chi Omega Totes to Write Home About

From the east coast to sunny California, and everywhere in between, each and every state has a fun, customizable Chi Omega tote bag design! Chi O women know how important it is to hit the library to keep up their impressive GPA’s, so be sure to check out our high-quality Chi Omega bags to make your walks across campus comfortable and stylish! Throw your accessories or wallet in your bag with your textbooks for those long study days in the library, and then go right to a charity event afterward.   For the Chi O on the go, our tote bags are perfect for going over to your Big Sis’s house to get ready for formal, because what girl can really bring just one outfit option to choose from? With so many great options to choose from, the possibilities are truly endless. Looking to create your customized, personalized tote today? We can't wait to help you! Contact our team now to learn more about all our tote bag options and to start designing your own now! Happy shopping Chi O ladies!