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Our Sorority store has a huge selection of Sorority apparel & clothing (including shirts, sweatshirts, and much more). Plus you can shop a huge selection of the best Sorority merchandise. If you are graduating soon, check out our top selling Sorority graduation stoles. If you are shopping for a gift from our Sorority boutique, we encourage you to browse all of the  greek clothes and gear. We have one of the best selection for all Sorority stores online. 

The Sorority Shop

Regardless of which sorority you called or currently call home, the Greek U sorority shop has something to offer you. Represent your house colors, create a sense of community, and look great from shopping in our sorority clothing store.

Are you looking to re-vamp your own wardrobe with some Sorority-specific items? Check out our sorority shirts to find something that’s flattering, unique, and just your style? Searching for something that can add some sorority flair to your house? How about a sorority paddle for a taste of traditional Greek life?

No matter what you’re in the market for, the Greek U sorority store has the selection, prices, and quality customer service you need to find all your sorority goods quickly, easily, and efficiently. So, go ahead. Show off your house pride with our ample selection, quality items, and fun assortment of goods.

Recently, sorority hats have been one of the best accessories to build up your closet full of sorority gear. Match it with your clothes or the gift you receive from your big. 

Sorority Clothing Stores

Few things are more frustrating than finding something you love online, ordering it, and then waiting for forever for it to arrive, with little or no communication from the company you purchased from. At the Greek U sorority store, we promise to be different.

We know exactly how important your position as a sorority sister is to you, so we strive to do everything in our power to make getting your sorority goods easier, faster, and less expensive. In addition to stocking the widest selection of goods available, we also go to great lengths to ensure you have the support you need when you shop with us.

So whether you’re looking for a sorority tote bag or some jewelry to treat yourself or give to a treasured sister, the Greek U sorority store is your one-stop-shop.

Sorority Store

For anyone looking for the ultimate sense of sisterhood, a sorority is the place to start. Designed to bring young women together for the purpose of promoting philanthropy, and giving everyone a place to belong and a cause to pursue, sororities have long since stood out as a sought-after and unique place to come into one’s own.

Whether you were a sorority girl who’s now looking back on your time in the house, the mother, sister, or friend of a new pledge, or a current, dedicated sorority member yourself, The Sorority Store is the perfect place to find all your sorority-focused gifts, goods, and merchandise. With Sorority clothing, merchandise, and a wide selection of goods from the Greek U Sorority Store, it’s easier than ever to let your house pride show and demonstrate your proud position as a lifelong sorority sister.

The History of the Sorority

The tradition of the sorority first developed around 1851, when the Adelphean Society Alpha Delta Pi was established. The first two “official” sororities were Pi Beta Phi, established in 1867, and Kappa Alpha Theta, established in 1870. From the beginning, sororities were major forces for the advancement of women’s rights and equality, and they stood out as some of the only places women could call the shots and arrange their own social structures.

Today, sororities continue to empower and uplift women, encouraging philanthropic activity and social awareness all across the country.