Custom Sorority Shirts & T-Shirt Letters

Browse through our large assortment of custom sorority shirts that you can customize to find the perfect sorority t shirt. We have the best tops that are for sale online and can be designed with your sorority letters. Your tee shirt ideas from pinterest and etsy can become a reality our with cute sorority shirts designs that can be printed on our many different styles of tank tops, jerseys, v-necks and sorority long sleeve shirts.

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11 Item(s)

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Sorority Shirts

Greek U offers a large variety of custom sorority shirts for every Greek event! There are many different t shirts, tank tops, v-necks, sorority jerseys and long sleeve shirts to choose from.

We know you're proud to be in a sorority, so rep your organization with one of our letter tee shirts, printed tanks, sorority sweatshirts and more.  Or buy a cute sorority jersey, complete with your letters, to wear at any philanthropy event or sports game.  Many of our t shirts designs can be purchased in bulk. If you have shirt ideas that you don't see on the site, we can make them for your group. Many sororities want to make the best shirts for Bid Day and Recruitment, so we can help make your ideas become a reality by customizing the shirt just for you. 

Sorority Letters

Our sorority letters tanks and tees are our most popular product; you can customize them directly on our site so you get exactly what sorority shirt you want.  Make sure and check out all of our letter fabric color options, as well as the outline color options we have! There are so many cute color choices for every type of sorority letter shirt you would want. You can wear your greek t shirts that rock your letters with pride!

Our letter sorority t-shirts and our printed designs can be ordered for your whole chapter. Perfect for any date dash, philanthropy, Greek Week, or Bid Day!  The most popular t-shirt that is usually ordered by chapters is our v-neck letter shirt.

We know that when you pledge a sorority that getting your first set of letters is a really important day. Sometimes your Big Sis will help gift them to you as well. We want to make sure you are extremely happy with your item and it is something that will last you throughout your time in college. 

Customize Sorority T-Shirts Online

You can make your letters uniquely yours with our online design tool that lets you customize your t-shirt options. But that's not all! Check out the sorority shirts section for the latest discounts and sales. We offer group discounts as well. Many of our shirts are made of high quality jersey cotton, they are not cheap at all. You will wear your cute sorority stitched letter shirts on campus, and everyone will know you can't get these items on pinterest or etsy. 

You may be a sorority mom or dad looking for a gift for your daughter, or you may be a boyfriend looking for a special shirt for your girlfriend. Either way, we have everything you would need. You can even browse through a variety of sorority big little shirts. Buy your new fave sorority tee shirt today! Shop Now!